Summary: The death of King Uzziah caused Isaiah to see the Lord

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When King Uzziah Died

Isaiah. 6:1-8


I had been praying to the Lord for more than a week as I prepared my sermon for this worship service. The Lord had impressed in my heart to preach on this passage. During the week I gathered materials from different sources, I even referred to my old sermon outlines. Finally, on Thursday morning ( a day before our worship service which is scheduled on Friday in compliance with the Islamic day off which falls on Friday) I made up my mind to change the text and the topic. I was so tense and puzzled what to do. I kept on praying to God for His divine intervention and I took a break and was praying to God while taking a bath. The Lord put His thought in my mind and gave the topic and the three point outline which I will be preaching this morning. The topic is " When King Uzziah Died" and the points that the Lord gave me were 1. When King Uzziah died Isaiah sought the Lord. 11. When King Uzziah died Isaiah search his heart. 111. When King Uzziah died Isaiah surrendered his life .

Who this King Uzziah was?

King Uzziah was a good king. Not only a good king but a successful king, a king who did what was right in the eyes of God. He served the tribe of Judah for 52 long years. During his time Judah became prosperous. Apparently, Isaiah looked up to him with awe and respect. He had his subjects eye on him because of his great accomplishments. On his accomplishments, he became conceited and proud. He over emphasized his power. He thought that he could do everything he wanted to do. He assumed that he could be a king and a priest at the same time by burning incense in the temple, which was the job of the priest and not the job of the king. Eze46:2 . God was displeased of what he did and, because king Uzziah defiled the temple of God, God struck him with leprosy and later on he died.

A lesson that we can learn from king Uzziah is that when we reach the apex of our success we must remain humble to the praise and honor of our God , for God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Uzziah was adored by Isaiah, it was not until Uzziah died that he saw the Lord.

Why? It was because Isaiah at one point in his life depended on king Uzziah. He had a lot of respect on him, rather than the Lord.

But…….When Uzziah died " He saw the Lord."

Sometimes in order for us to get a proper view of who God is , somebody or something in our lives has to die.

Usually, it is something or someone that we hold on so dearly that keep us from seeing God for who He really is.

Illustration: I am sorry I failed to ask Pastor Jack’s permission to use his life story as an illustration of the one who met God when his first wife died. Anyway he kept testifying about this so I presumed that it is okay with him to use his life experience. According to him he met the Lord when his wife died.

•Now- When king Uzziah died, Isaiah saw the Lord.

•The question we have to ponder is: What is your King Uzziah ?

a. Is it your boyfriend or girlfriend?

b. Is it your job, car , house , family your job, drugs, liquor, Tv show or whatever.

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Joel Sumagaysay

commented on Sep 14, 2015

Joel Sumagaysay

commented on Sep 14, 2015

Praise God for giving us the privilege to serve Him in UAE since 1988 until now.

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