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• A surgeon, a civil engineer, and a computer software engineer were chatting.

• And the discussion rolled around to whose profession was the oldest.

• The surgeon said that his was, since in the Book of Genesis,

• God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs, and surely that involved surgery.

• The civil engineer countered by saying that before God created man,

• He created the heavens and the Earth from chaos, surely a feat of civil engineering.

• The computer software engineer just smiled and said,

• "Where do you think chaos came from?"

We live in a chaotic world, a world where life ain’t fair:

• Those words ‘It’s not fair!” So easily fall from our lips;

• ill: According to Ann Landers,

• The average teenager uses the phrase “it’s not fair”, 86 times a day!

• ill: If you put those words “When life is not fair” on an internet search engine:

• Depending which search engine you use;

• But your search will yield a staggering 97.2 million results.

Enduring unfair treatment is tough.

• All of us at some stage have been there;

• And when hard times come and we don't have the answers,

• We cry out to God about the unfairness of it all.

• But sometimes He seems silent when we so badly want Him to speak to us in our need.

• We admire people who endure pain and difficult circumstances that they don't deserve;

• But if we are honest, we just don't want to be one of them!

• In our verses this morning;

• The apostle Peter reminds his readers (and us) that “Life aint fair!”

• His good, practical advice is simple – press on!

• Unfair treatment is part of the package, part of the normal Christian life,

• Your master and Lord was not treated fairly (verses 21-25);

• So why do you (follower and servant of Christ) expect to be treated any better?

Quote: Amy Carmicheal (18-67-1951):

• She was a missionary in India for 55 years;

• Author of 35 books,

• Worked among girls who were victims of sexual-abuse, or temple prostitution.

• Help with the babies born as a result of the temple prostitution.

• On numerous occasions she faced legal charges of kidnapping,

• And often faced physical threats.

• Following a serious fall;

• She spent the last the last twenty years of her life as an invalid.

She wrote some incredible and challenging poetry, including: ‘Hast thou no scar?’

Hast thou no scar?

No hidden scar on foot, or side, or hand?

I hear thee sung as mighty in the land,

I hear them hail thy bright ascendant star,

Hast thou no scar?

Hast thou no wound?

Yet I was wounded by the archers, spend,

Leaned Me against a tree to die; and rent

By ravening beasts that compassed Me, I swooned:

Hast thou no wound?

No wound, no scar?

Yet, as the Master shall the servant be,

And, pierced are the feet that follow Me;

But thine are whole: can he have followed far

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