Summary: Lessons on how we respond to times of loss and pain

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Growing Through Loss: Luke 22,24

Introduction: Tony in the dryer. Explain loss (Swindoll)

(Read text) Explain the loss felt by disciples.

I.Times of loss require a control of your passions.

(LK 22:49-51)

A. Explain the context.

1.According to John, it was Peter.

a. His dream of being free from the Romans was slipping through his fingers.

b.He quickly decided to do something about it.

2.Was not aiming for the ear! Split his skull.

B. Passions are not wrong.

- It is our passions that give us our greatest experiences. It is out of our passions that our greatest works of art emerge.

1.Beethoven was very passionate about his work.

-He has given us some of the world’s greatest


2.Our best accomplishments are achieve when we

work out of our passions.

- Mother Theresa,

- Giving of ourselves.

C.Uncontrolled passions are dangerous.

1. What was wrong with what Peter did?

-Besides trying to fight a squadron of


-It went against Jesus’ ultimate plan.

2.When our passions are out of control, we work

against God’s purposes in our lives.

3. Uncontrolled passions leads :

-A husband to shoot his wife and alleged

lover in a jealous rage.

-Two young teenagers to run away and get

married because of love, however without a

dime to their name.

- And the like

II.Times of loss have with it a message from God.

(LK. 24:1-9)

A. We must clear our eyes to see the message.

1.Mary was distraught. Could not see Jesus

before her.

2. Illus: Taking a toy away from my son to get

him to do something.

- He focuses on the toy.

- He does not see what needs to be done.

B. We must tune our ears to hear the message.

1.Lost watch in icebox, boy is quiet and hears


2. When we are loosing something that is close to

us, we must still ourselves to hear what God is

trying to say.

C. What is God’s message for me?

1. Could be a number of different things.

2. One message is the most common.

- What is the hardest thing about loosing

something or someone close to you? It leaves

a void in your life. An emptiness.

- Jesus’ message: Allow me to fill that void

in your heart. Let me fill that emptiness.

3. The things of this life are fleeting. Christ

will never leave.

III. Times of loss require hearts of faith.(LK. 24:25)

A.“Slow of heart,” lacking faith.

B.These men were trying to use reason to make \

conclusions on issues of the heart. (v.17, 19-24)

1. Often, faith goes against what the mind says.

2. This is difficult to do, most times.

- Cliff Joke.

3. Times of loss require hearts of faith.

C. Who/What do we have faith in?

1.Have faith in God. (v. 27) It is His Word.

2. Have faith in Jesus Christ.

-“To believe in God may mean that you simply believe in a power that creates. To believe in Jesus means you believe in a person who cares.” Paul W. Powell

3. Illus. Burning house: father calling for boy

to jump.

IV. Times of loss require a better perspective.

A. Blond at the river bank. -A blond approaches a riverbank and sees another blond on the other side. The first shouts, “How do I get to the other side?” The second thinks and says, “You are on the other side.” Has all to do with perspective. (Read now LK. 24:26-27)

B. Jesus was saying, “You’re looking too closely at

this situation. Step back and see the big picture.

1. Illus. Magnified picture. We just see a

portion of it.

2. When we zoom out, then we get a good vision of

what the picture is.

3. When we loose something/one that is special to

us we think of one thing, “How will this effect


4. Zoom out and get the big picture.

What was Jesus’ big picture when He came to earth?

C.Why did Jesus really come to earth? My study.

1. He came for sinners.(Mt. 9:12)

a. Did not call the righteous. People who feel

they are good enough to make to heaven on their


b. He called sinners. Those of us who know

what we’ve done and understand that none of

our good works will earn us a spot in heaven.

- Ro 3:10 “No one is good enough to go to


- Is. 64:6 Our good deeds are like dirty

rags to God.

-Christ came for those of us who recognize

our hopeless position.

2. He came to save us.(Lk 19:10)

a. This salvation is a free gift.

b.Present at Christmas.

3. He came to give us full and abundant life. (Jn 10:10)

a. To give a life with purpose and meaning.

b. To give it right now, not later on.

4. What does this have to do with my situation

right now?

- It is the same picture. Refer to the Boy in

burning house again

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