Summary: As we look at Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendago, we realize that we have all been in the furnace at some point in our lives. Who we look to for strength and how we react will make all the difference in the world...when life turns up the heat!

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A. Everyone will find themselves in the furnace at some point in their lives.

We live in a sinful world.

Satan is called the prince of this world.

Man does horrible things to one another.

Where was God on September 11, 2001?

266 people were on the planes, that could of held 1,000

Less than half capacity in the twin towers.

God cared about every soul that perished that day.

For the unbeliever the furnace is just a minute taste of what hell will be like.

For the Christian, it can lead to something more.

B. Christians never go into the furnace alone.

Some of you feel like you are in the furnace this morning.

You are watching a loved grow weaker every day.

Your job is just causing such turmoil in your life.

Your child is moving farther and farther away from God.

Spiritually you are empty.

Some of you are asking this morning, Where is God?

It’s okay to ask that.

The God you serve is able to do incredible things.

C. God may leave you in the furnace, for a bigger reason.

Fire purifies and molds and sharpens your life.

Others will see how you respond to the furnace.

Three men- Even if God does not rescue us….

He may deliver you from the furnace in a great way.

“No god can save like theirs.”

D. There is a spiritual application to this story. God rescues us from the flames of sin. His son was willing to go into the furnace and pull us out.

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