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Summary: The "woman with the issue" of blood spent all that she had and was none the better, but grew worse. She now needs to know what to do when all else fails...press!!!! There indeed is a blessing in the pressing.

Mark 5:25-27

When everything else Fails … or When Nothings Else Works…

Have you ever had one of those “throw in the towel” days? Like you give your all…and yet it seems not enough or not good enough?

I mean you do your best… and your best is less than good? You had come to the end of your life’s hope rope; tied the knot to hold on and seemed as if the knot would choke you to death? I mean…like you spend all; show all; help all…and you are left, as it seems with none, nothing else and no one? If you‘ve ever felt like that …

If you’ve been there then you can quite possibly relate to the woman in the text lesson today. The woman is sick …an issue of blood;

Look at it…she has spent all she had… and yet she is none the better…but only grew worse.

And perhaps topping it off or adding insult to injury… , look again; she is not even given title or name recognition…but is only referred to as …”a certain woman”. But don’t feel too sorry for her, or shed your unwanted pity on her…the text speaks victoriously of her later on. The best is yet to come!!!

Kinda references that secular song…”you don’t have to be a star to be in my {God’s} show.

There may be someone right here today… in the same boat or as it were, in that same sick situation; wearing the same shoes; feeling the same despair as Sister “Certain Woman”. You’ve spent all that you have to spend and are none the better but only feel that you are getting worse.

Today I want to give you a different course of action to take in these moments of set-backs, rejects and let-downs. I want to give you an alternative to “searched all over; couldn’t find nobody greater …; I want to suggest that you start to use Jesus as a “first resource” rather than a last resort. Too many of us…blood washed, water baptized Holy Ghost filled Saints are wasting our time…in a destiny delaying, dismal dilemma that only robs us of victory, delays our prosperity, hi-jacks our joy and incarcerates our peace; it ain’t worth it and not on your appointment schedule … Encourage yourself …

Today, I want to look at Sis. Certain Woman” from another angle … not just the usual touch the hem of His garment story but …try to pull you out and turn you from … making Jesus wait to heal you or help you; to try to give you another way out “when nothing else works.

The text says that Sis. Certain Woman has spent all she had…Now maybe your story doesn’t end by you spending money…but perhaps rather some other precious commodity. Let me show you a few:

Perhaps, you have given your all to your job; Yeah. You’re at work every day, rain or shine; you’re not a post man but you have his dedication…neither rain, nor storm or gloom of night…has made you take off. Your boss knows you by name and counts on you for not only this and that but also the other. You’re floating on the job…but… there is still something else missing. You’re still not happy; you still can’t advance; every time there is a potential for promotion, that same supervisor forgets your name; I’ve given all and am still none the better.

Well, maybe not job but …you put all into getting educated…Associates, Bachelor’s, and Master’s … I’m going back now to get my Ph.D… I’ve given so much; I given all to get educated… and still I am none the better. I know a lot. . ..but nobody cares what I know. Sometimes I think I don’t even care myself. I am at the point of …I need to know what to do when nothing works”.

Well, let me try something else…I given my all to my children; whenever they call me;

I run to help them; whatever they wanted, I did my best to provide it; they got into trouble, and I went to their rescue… and still, just like Madam “Certain Woman”, I am none the better. They grow up; go away and grow away … until they need you!!!

What else have I given all to? … Well, I can’t seem to get healthy. I’ve kept my every appointment with my physician. I’ve paid a co-pay every visit and still I am none the better. I’m trapped in this vicious cycle. I go to the physician; he practices on me for ten minutes, after I’ve waited for an hour; then he gives me two directives … stop by the cashier and then stop by the appointments desk and make another appointment for next month for me to practice on you again. Yes, you go to the physician, again and again and you are none the better”. You need to know “what to do when nothing else works;

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