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Summary: When one person uses his/her spiritual gift(s), God can do great and wonderful works in His Church.

When One Person Uses Her Spiritual Gift

(Esther 4:8-17)

I have set the scene for us already with Esther’s situation. What now is she going to do? Who is Esther? We know she was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her

uncle, Mordecai; we know too that she was very beautiful and that her uncle was a religious man and raised Esther to have religious principles and values. On the surface you could say to the question: who is Esther? She is a beautiful woman either in her late teens or early twenties, who has had the good fortune to win a beauty contest to become the queen of a great empire. But as the queen she is the King’s subject and for all we know, she could simply be the “beautiful dumb broad” who is the rich man’s toy.

We find out more about what kind of woman she is when her uncle Mordecai sends her word that her people by the King’s decree are going to be destroyed. Esther was not aware of this news, so sheltered a life did she lived in the palace. And with the news Mordecai tells her to get herself in to see the King and to stop this upcoming genocide of the Jewish people.

Esther sends a reply back to Mordecai that is typical – no one sees the king uninvited; you risk your own death by doing so. When you’ve got it made, why put your life in jeopardy? But Mordecai will have none of this selfishness; he tells his niece- this is no time to remain silent and hidden away- get in there and do something for your people, wake up girl; you aren’t going to get away with hiding and saying nothing; they will find you out.

Now in answer to the question: who is Esther? We have a young beautiful woman who is in way over her head.

We can identify with Esther here- not in her beauty so much as in her circumstance. Invariably that time comes and more often than we would like when

having seen to have gotten my life on a roll finally, I suddenly find myself in a real jam.

Esther had no idea what she was going to do; and neither did you or I when we got the

bad news. Such overwhelming circumstances often leads people to drinking or taking

drugs just to avoid the fear and anxiety and hopelessness they feel.

And here is where that religious upbringing of Mordecai really paid off for Esther, who instead of rebelling or questioning the faith her uncle had taught her; now embraces that faith more than ever.

If there is any questions about you as a parent or grandparent bringing your children to church and teaching them the ways of God at home, the example of Esther should banish any doubts you have of the importance and value of the Christian faith

taught and lived out for those responsible in your care.

After getting the word from her uncle – to get busy and do something – Esther sends back her message to Mordecai: gather all the Jews you can and hold a fast on my behalf—for three days neither eat nor drink but pray for me and I will do the same.

How many Christian parents would love to hear a response like that from their children when they are having trouble with their marriage or can’t pay their bills or one of

the grandchildren become seriously ill or the son-in-law loses his job to a merger- gather


the family and neither eat nor drink for three days and pray in our behalf and we will

do the same.

And next we see how God in His greatness and majesty works in a person’s life. In short, when we are serious and earnest in our turning to God, you will find how ready and able He is to supply your need.

The apostle Paul told the Christians in the Philippi church:

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:19)

Notice when you stop toying around with God and take your Christian faith to heart in deed as well as word, then God begins to work in ways you had not seen before.

What did God do? He gave to this “dumb, beautiful broad” the spiritual gift of wisdom.

As I said before. Esther had no idea what to do with the mess she found herself in,

but when she turned to God in those 3 days of praying and fasting, God turned to her and gave her a plan of action. Out of nowhere it would seem but from the

mind of God came a carefully crafted plan on how and when to approach the King

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