Summary: Death is Real be ready.


October 27, 2002

Text: Psalm 90 :12-17

When Our Days Are Numbered

Our life here on earth is temporary. What does it mean to number your days? The Psalmist wants us to realize that our life is like a trip. Upon we reach our destination we have to get out and that’s it.

Yesterday its Sunday in the Philippine, our Ninong Jhonny was laid to his resting place temporarily because we believed he died very much prepared for this day. My wife and I knew that he is in heaven with the Lord because he was a Christian in every aspect of his life.

According to his family, he prepared everything, his spiritual journey, material things for his family, a retired Army and working as a Commander or Supervisor in a Security agency. The day before he died he called his daughter Jocelyn and said that he already purchased the books for her Masteral studies and that he deposited the money needed for her thesis writing.

Ninong Jhonny, learned how to number his days. He lived with meaning and purpose.

“Teach us to number our days. This means we need to realize that someday we will die and that life is too brief for wallowing in misery and shrinking back in fear.” Dr. G R

It reminds us to make the most of each day not knowing whether we have 7 months or 7 years or 70 years.

”There is an ancient story about three demons who were arguing over the best way to destroy the Christian church.

The first demon says, "Let’s tell all the Christians there is no heaven. Take away the reward and the church will collapse."

The second demon says, "Let’s tell all the Christians there is no hell. Take away the fear of punishment and the church will collapse."

The third demon says, "There is one better way. Let’s tell all the Christians that there is NO HURRY" and all three immediately say, "That’s it! All we have to do is tell them there’s no hurry and the whole Christian church will collapse."

- Book of Illustrations

As we look back at our life, consider this: have we counted each day as a precious gift from God? Have we invested time with Jesus Christ and in our loved ones?

Time is precious. Time is much MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY can ever be.

So time is a gift, a precious gift from the Lord.

Life on the earth is fragile. We know that accidents, illness, crimes (snipers) infact the first victim was Mr. James Martin, a 55 year old Church member and officer of Ashton UMC.

Mr. Martin was buying snacks for the church youth group when he was gunned down Oct 2 in the parking lot of Shoppers Food Warehouse in Wheaton.

And also terrorism (Bin Laden & the like) could take away our lives in an instant.

Don’t waste a moment in unnecessary suffering. Make the most of what we have.

As Believers and Christians, we should treasure those precious moments. We should appreciate life and love. We should grow closer to God and people. We should not miss opportunities to say I love you and do loving things.

*Johnilla & Jocelyn told us about the situation wherein they miss the opportunity to see their daddy on the day before he died. They have an appointment to be in Pampanga for the Church anniversary of their brother who is the pastor at that church. But, that Sunday Johnilla’s daughter is not feeling well, so she decided not to come to Angeles. In the same manner Jocelyn was tired being a Concert director in Aliaga UMC, she also decided not to come to Angeles.

Both of them thought that, anyway, this coming Sunday is the Sahagun’s Sunday at Paraiso UMC so everybody will be together. Yes, yesterday all of them are in the church but, one of them is already asleep with the Lord.

We should number our days correctly and not waste them in negativity, anger, or unnecessary emotional pain. We should recognize that life is precious and miraculous, and wonderful.

“The 90th Psalm might be cited as perhaps the most sublime of human compositions -- the deepest in feeling -- the loftiest in theologic conception -- the most magnificent in its imagery. True is it in its report of human life -- as troubled, transitory, and sinful. True in its conception of the Eternal -- the Sovereign and the Judge; and yet the refuge and hope of men, who, notwithstanding, the most severe trials of their faith, lose not their confidence in Him; but who, in the firmness of faith, pray for, as if they were predicting, a near at hand season of refreshment.” -Isaac Taylor

Isaac Watts, who wrote "O God Our Help In Ages Past" He was born in Southhampton, England on July 17, 1674, the eldest of nine children. His father had spent quite a lot of time in prison because he would not conform to the mandates of the Church of England.

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