Summary: We do not need to look for a fight or desire to fight and many Christians do. At the same time, we do not need to be cowardly about our faith.

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James Emery White, a Pastor and former college President, is also the author of many books of which one is, “The Church in an Age of Crisis.”

In this book, he writes about how America is a post-Christian nation. He paints a picture of our nation, its mindset and culture, in which the church must understand in order to reach this nation for Christ effectively. He writes about our culture and how it is:

*Focused on self

*God is unnecessary

*See God as a moralist and therapist

*Divine supermarket (inter-faith is cool)

*Truthiness (facts don’t matter—feel good)

*Modern Family (co-habitation doubled in ’90’s, divorce, homosexuality, gender lines blurred, disappearance of childhood innocence)

*Google is god

*Famous phenomenon (Reality, Idol, Sports)

*Stop church (no value, full of problems, no time anyway)

*Social justice is king (Gospel does not matter)

*Perfection is the new American dream

Ill: Culture (ways, practices, ideologies) in one hand & Bible in your other hand: Each calls for something different than the other. They collide.

*This is the exact thing that happened in Acts 4.

Title: “When Our Faith and Culture Collide”

Context: The people had just witnessed the healing of a man who was lame since birth. It was a miracle. Peter preached the Gospel when God gave him this platform and he and John witnessed almost 2,000 people respond to Jesus Christ and saw the church grow from at least 3,120 people to an estimated 5,000 plus people. Immediately, they were confronted by the Sadducees, a religious group of people who did not believe in any resurrection from the dead. They had Peter and John arrested because their faith collided with the culture.

Sanhedrin was comprised of 71 people and acted as the Supreme Court of Israel. The Sanhedrin was comprised of at least two religious groups:

*Sadducees: Torah only, rejected resurrection, no after-life, and elitists

*Pharisees: Torah, but also oral tradition, believed in an after-life, common

Remember: Jesus was tried before the Sanhedrin. (Annas & Caiaphas)

Read Acts 4:7 (Name: Title, Person, Power—Temple)

*God created Peter and John another platform for the gospel.

Read Acts 4:8-12 (Deed-Healed-How-By Jesus’ name he was healed)

*You crucified Jesus. He was raised from the dead. He healed this man!

*You rejected Jesus. Jesus is the Foundation for everything, even church!

*Jesus is the Rock. He is God. Jesus is the 1st Stone and all is set from Him!

*Jesus is the ONLY Savior, the Promised Messiah, and only through His NAME (Title, Person, Power) can one be saved from sin and live eternally.

This created a collision of cataclysmic proportion! (sudden, violent)

(Peter was bold with these men knowing how they wanted Jesus dead)

*Sanhedrin: amazed, speechless, meeting

*Plan: tell them to stop preaching & teaching about Jesus

Read Acts 4:19-20 (Unable to stop talking about Jesus—saw Him alive—heard His words—we must continue to talk about Jesus)

*Threatened them again. Crowd was fired up about what they saw. Political wind was blowing with Peter and John. Released them.

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