Summary: When sorrow comes, how do you handle it and where do you turn?

When Sorrow Comes

Pastor Claud Lowe D.D.L.S.

When sorrow comes, most turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, or suicide. None of these give real relief. Of course suicide is permanent and seems like the answer. It isn’t and never was. Sure it’s the easy way out but the result is forever and deadly.

When sorrow comes to you, stop and think about what you can do, not what you can’t. Even thought it’s hard, think about the good times you’ve had with family and friends. Think about the good, not the bad, even though that may seem impossible to do. I know, I’ve been there.

What can you do? You can talk with someone you know. Tell them what’s going on. If they’re a real friend, they will listen. Be careful of advice. If they have the same problem, be cautious unless they are qualified to help you and I don’t mean a psychobabblist either. Why?

Psychology is made by man and the mind is too complex for any human to really understand. Psychology will help you "work through it". That term is very misleading and untrue. They do not help you work through it. Psychology is brainwashing, plain and simple. No matter the jargon they use, that’s what it is. I’ve been there too. Man cannot know how the mind really works except in a very limited sense and psychology "trains" you to ignore the problem, not solve it.

When you want to solve any problem, you must find the right thing to do, not guesswork which psychology really is. When someone you love leaves, regardless of the reason, you will feel more pain than many can imagine. It hurts. It’s okay to cry, whether you are a man or woman. A man doesn’t cry, is baloney. Men do cry when they hurt badly. It eases the psyche and lets the hurt come out. No, it doesn’t solve the problem but it helps ease it.

Talk to a minister. He can advise you far better than any therapist can. He’s trained in dealing with the inner person or soul. Therapists ignore the soul. They have no idea how to work with that.

When the pain comes, you feel it in your heart, physically. It is there and seldom goes away. I’m here to tell you that you can receive peace and ease of the pain but not from anything man can do.

How do I know about this? I’ve been there. To understand better, here is my story.

When we married, my wife and I had nothing but each other to hold onto. We were far happier as well. As time went along, we obtained a home, two vehicles, and many other material things. Then one day, she left. we never argued or fought. There was never anyone else. It happened because of debts and satan’s influence. That’s right the devil. He is just as real and you or I and he will cause you problems, serious ones. He wants your life. He doesn’t care about you. He wants to see you dead.

When my wife left, I had to take a real look at my own life, my marriage, everything. What I found shocked me. Without realizing it, we had invited satan into our home through movies that promoted witchcraft, a very serious sin, and magic and such. These are some of the devil’s best tools today. Don’t kid yourself. They aren’t harmless. They are deadly to you, your life, and your marriage.

Suddenly, things started to go wrong. It was satan’s influence that did this to us. He got us to make wrong decisions and we are paying for it now. I destroyed those things from my home and felt immediate relief but not relief from the horrible sorrow I felt. That took getting on my knees to God above and letting him in for real.

Being human, it is hard to truly trust anyone that’s human. I had to swallow my pride and trust in God. His response was to give me real peace and ease of the pain. It is still with me now, though sorrow does come. The peace comes every time to dull it and it goes away.

No, I am human and I miss my wife terribly.

However, I must wait for God to do his work first. That’s the hardest part; complete trust. I had to let go and let God work. He has and I am becoming what he wants me to be. My wife and I wanted to start a business and make tons of money. Wrong idea! All the money in the world can’t buy real love or joy. We have lost so much because of not putting God first in our lives.

For those that aren’t saved, it’s ten times worse. Many will reject Christ and die in sin. The payment, later, will be eternal. Death isn’t the last step. It’s the first toward being lost forever. I know that many will reject this and that is up to them but Christ is the answer. Why? Because he knows everything about us and how to solve those problems and take care of the sorrow. He can and will help you but you must accept his help and him to get the benefits he can give you.

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