Summary: Prayer of the Church

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Acts 12.5


Jesus Declared it (Upon this rock. . .

Jesus Purchased it (His death, burial, resurrection

Jesus’s Blood sanctified it

Somewhere along the line of life. . People have become fascinated, infatuated, captivated by what is going on in the world – but through this false picture of life — people have lost sight of the mission of the church. . . .

There was a time when the church was the center of all activity – especially in the lives of black people. . . .

The evil of our times have taken advantage of our negligence and have battered, bruised and broken our world – retarded out civilization – wasted our resources —- spilt the blood of our youth – and destroyed the structure of the family. . . .

While the lives of people are under attack by satan – society is brags on technology – riches – diet and lifestyles. . . .

1. The church must have purpose:

The church must light the way for the lost

The church must present salvation for the sinner

The church must love the loveless

The church must teach the spiritually unlearned

The church must set itself as a refueling station for those who have spent themselves executing the ministry of the gospel.

2. The church must have concern:

Time and time again we hear of those that have become drop-out. . . . for one reason or another those that have dropped out of school. . . . Those that have dropped out of job production and has become a social liability. ... . Those that has dropped out of life and become a citizen of the penal system. . . . But no ever talk about those that has become spiritual drop-outs. . . For whatever reason – came into God program – had their name added to the church roll – but has become spiritual drop-out. . . . Just has the church pray and involve itself in other issues – the church should have a special concern for those not fully committed to the cause of Christ. . .

3. The church must have identity:

Who is the church? — Believers of all ages complete this congregation of blood bought redeemed people. . . When the church is given identity – it is identified by the children – it is identified by the youth – it is identified by the adults –

Despite what folk may whisper in your ear – you cannot be the church by yourself. . . The church does not operate around or through you. .. Your money can’t buy – your name can’t keep it.. .

Jesus commissioned the church – giving it authority to operate

Jesus gave the church activity – (Jhn 10.10b) to be alive with power and praise

Jesus gave the church organization – He fixed it so that the body can only function correctly as a whole. . .

“O” ye household of God – built up of living stones by the Holy Spirit – be not dismayed – Jesus has proven that vines can grow out of a Rock. . . . It’s time for the vine to grow

Church – Wrap yourself around these children

Church – Wrap yourself around the handicapped

Church – Wrap yourself around the sick

Church – Wrap yourself around the weary

Church – Wrap yourself around the heart-broken

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