Summary: When God moved to save Paul and Silas lives were transformed

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When the Jailhouse Rocks

Acts 16:20-34

February 4, 2001

Morning Service


I. The earthquake in India

A. The mass destruction

1. Cities have been decimated

2. Homes and buildings completely destroyed

3. 10’ of thousands have been injured and over 20,000 have died

B. Respect for the power of an earthquake

1. An earthquake is a massive flow of power and destructive force

2. An earthquake moves with great power and speed. It is something to be feared.

II. Can an earthquake be a good thing?

A. On first thought we would say no

1. Something so destructive can not be good

2. Something so devastating can not be good

3. Something so deadly can not be good

B. In the hand of God anything can be good

1. God can make anything that seems bad and use it for something good

2. This morning we are going to look at When God made the jailhouse rock



I. The spirit that rocked the house

A. Paul and Silas were courageous

1. Paul and Silas were arrested for their work

a.) First, Paul and Silas were flogged. Literally they were beaten with rods

b.) Second, they were thrown into prison

1.) They were placed under tight security

2.) They were also placed in stocks. These were reserved for the most dangerous criminals

2. Paul and Silas never gave up – They had courage and spirit

B. Paul and Silas were consistent

1. Paul and Silas continued their ministry in prison

a.) Paul and Silas began to sing praise in prison

b.) They also began to pray

2. Their work was having an impact

a.) They impacted their own hearts and spirits

b.) They had an impact on the rest of the prisoners

II. The sympathy that rocked the house

Katie Fisher, 17, entered the Madison County Ohio Junior Livestock Sale hoping the lamb she had for sale would get a good price. For months Katie had been battling cancer. She had endured hospital stays and been through chemotherapy a number of times. Before the lamb went on the block, the auctioneer told the audience about Katie’s condition, hoping his introduction would push the price-per-pound above the average of two dollars. It did-and then some. The lamb sold for $11.50 per pound. Then the buyer gave it back, and suggested the auctioneer sell it again. That started a chain reaction. Families bought it and gave it back; businesses bought it and gave it back. Katie’s mother said, "The first sale is the only one I remember. After that, I was crying too hard." They ended up selling the lamb thirty-six times that day, raising more than $16,000 in the process.

A. The jailer lost control

1. The earthquake rocked the prison

a.) The prison’s foundations were shaken

b.) Every prison door opened and every prisoners chains fell off

2. The jailer lost hope

a.) The jailer saw the open doors and assumed the prisoners had escaped

b.) The jailer prepares to commit suicide – why?

1.) A guard who allowed prisoners escape would be executed – All of the guards who were responsible for Peter were executed when he escaped

2.) The jailer was going to kill himself to avoid the Roman execution

B. Paul and Silas show concern

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