Summary: Eternity is to long to gamble with your soul

When The Lights Go Out On The Road To Hell

Proverbs 4:18-19 St. John 1:1-9

1 John 1:5-6

God is the light of the world. The word light personifies God. The word darkness personifies Satan. The two forces that dictate our world and the events thereof are God and Satan, good and evil, or Light and Darkness.

Sin brings darkness to nations, families, and individuals. As the soul of man lives in a continued state of sin, darkness prevails in that life. The nearer that a sinner gets to Hell the more intense that darkness will become. How awful it must be to reside in darkness on the way to outer darkness. This phrase outer darkness appears three times in the book of St. Matthew.

The word of God speaks of a time with gross darkness would posses the hearts of men (Jeremiah 13:16 and Isaiah 60:1) At the point that God gives men over to a reprobate mind and their conscience is seared with a hot iron; darkness will utterly prevail in their life.

Hell is a dark place. It is in the complete absence of God. God is light and in him is no darkness at all. Hell is enlarging herself without measure to accommodate more lost souls. Every step that a sinner takes in the darkness of sin takes them ever closer to Hell; and Hell is at the same time moving to meet them at their coming. Who among us will dwell with everlasting burnings? Who among us will dwell with a devouring fire?

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