Summary: The wind of God blows to undo all the works of the devil: Your healing, your deliverance, your miracle, your breakthrough is in the wind. (Let the Wind Blow)

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All through the bible we are given symbols of the Holy Spirit: through these symbols we learn who the Holy Spirit is and how he manifests himself and inter-acts with his people.

(Fire) (Oil) (Water) (Dove) (Wind)

Fire: Purifying, Illuminating, searching

Oil: Healing, comforting, consecrating

Water: Cleansing, life giving

Dove: Gentle, peaceful, comforting, guiding, warning

And finally the Wind

I don’t really have time to talk about the wind but if I did I would bring to your attention:

It was the wind that opened the red sea, (it was the wind that closed it again)

Ex 14:21 & Ex 15:10

The wind opened the way for their escape, and the wind moved the waters to return and close upon and destroy their enemies.

It was the wind that dried up the flood waters from the earth after it had rained for 40 days and 40 nights

Ge 8:1

It was the wind that brought the plague of locusts upon the Egyptians, and it was the wind that took them away.

Ex 10:13 & Ex 10:19

It was a wind from the Lord that brought quail to the complaining Israelites

Nu 11:31

It was the wind that brought the rain that ended a 31/2-year drought in Israel.

1Ki 18:45

The wind speaks of Gods Power and it speaks of change: When the wind of God blows it brings change.

I’m talking to somebody here tonight who needs a change, you need the power of God, the wind of God to blow through your life right now and bring a change.

Touch your neighbor and tell them (it’s Changing) it’s changing, I can’t see it I can’t touch it, but it’s changing, I don’t know how God’s going to do it but it’s changing. I got a witness in my spirit that change is on the way, I feel the wind shifting.

It was not the fire in the valley that day, and it was not the oil, and it was not the water, and it was not the dove that brought restoration and resurrection to a valley of dry bones

(But is was the Wind of God, the Wind of Heaven, the Power of God, the Breath of God)

Sometimes we need the fire, and sometimes we need the oil, and sometimes we need the water, and sometimes we need the dove.

(But when you need a change, when you need a resurrection, when you need the Power of God to come into your life and quicken and raise up something in your life that has died or is dying (You need the wind of God to blow)

That same power, that same anointing, that same wind that blew through that valley of dry bones is blowing in this house right now.

Lift your hands right now and tell God: Let the wind blow

When the wind blows everything changes:

When Elijah was hiding out in a cave fearful that Jezebel would take his life, the bible says that the Lord passed by is cave, and when he did there was a Wind, and earthquake and a fire (1 Kings 19:11)

The Lord caused it all: I want to focus for a minute on the wind that blew that day. It was not a soft gentle breeze of a warm summers night.

This wind ripped the mountains apart and broke the boulders in pieces = burst, crush, destroy, (pulverize)

In other words, after this wind passed by the mountains were gone (destroyed, pulverized) there was no evidence left that they had ever existed.

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