Summary: Two promises God gives to discouraged Christians

When Things Look Down, Just Look Up - Psalm 23:4


A husband went to see the doctor for a local checkup. After the checkup the doctor asked the man’s wife to come into his office that he might tell her about her husband’s condition. When she got in the office she asked the doctor what was wrong. He said, "Well maam, your husband has a very rare disease. Unless you start cooking him three meals a day, giving him a massage everyday, and take off his shoes for him everyday he is going to die!" After the woman heard this news she left the office and proceeded to drive her husband home. While riding home the husband could see a look of concern on his wife’s face so he said, "Honey why are you so upset, what did the doctor tell you?" The woman said to her husband, "Honey, the doctor said you are going to die!" Here was a man that could of used an encouraging word at a time like this. So many times we as Christians become discouraged in our daily walk with God. In this sermon, I want to present to you two promises that I believe God gives to the discouraged saint. Notice the first promise God gives us is:

I. He Offers Us His Presence In The Valley (4a)

A. Valleys Are Dreadful

"Even though" reveals David’s dreading it.

B. Valleys Are Deep

"Walk" reveals valley are deep and take time.

C. Valleys Are Departing

"Through" means every valley is exited.

D. Valleys Are Decaying

"Valleys" are formed by erosion.

God begins to break down believers in valleys.

E. Valleys Are Deceiving

"Shadows" cannot harm you, only scare you.

II. He Offers Us His Protection In The Valley (4b)

A. By Being Our Deliverer

God is with you in the valley.

B. By Being Our Defender

Rod - Used to beat off the enemy that attacks

Staff - Used to draw us back in when we stray


In closing I want to challenge each one of you to not give up in the valleys. Keep walking for eventually you will exit that valley and head towards the mountain of blessing God has for you in your life.

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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Robert Morris

commented on Sep 16, 2006

Great Sermon of encouragement!

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