Summary: This sermon deals with the fear that often comes with hearing God’s voice and how to move past it.

GOD’S VOICE: Our first reaction to God’s voice is often fear.

- Luke 1:12.

- Where do we fear God’s voice today?

a. In sermons.

b. In the Word read ourselves.

c. Counsel of godly friends.

d. When He speaks directly to us in prayer.


1. Because sometimes God punishes.

- OT guys who died – Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:1-2).

- The known sin in our lives that we’ve been trying to excuse.

- We’re like the kids who mess up the house under the thought that they’ll get it cleaned up before their parents get home. . . then have that sickening feeling as they hear the key in the front door.

2. Because of the unknown.

- Example: God calls us to step out and witness to a friend.

- Example: God calls us to start a new ministry or to start working in a ministry that’s new to us.

- One factor here is our fear of failure. We like to pursue things where we control the outcome. To step out without knowing the outcome and dependent on God to come through for us is a hard road.

- Sometimes God doesn’t give us all the details.

3. Because change scares us.

- Example: God calls us to be saved.

- Brainard’s reaction at revival.

4. Because our comfort is not His highest priority.

- Example: Maybe we’ve got a comfortable addiction to food or TV or cigarettes or porn or marijuana.

HOW TO RESPOND: Fear is not an approved stop sign.

- Luke 1:13, 19, 74.

- We often act like fear is a legitimate excuse.

- Some might say, “Isn’t fear a sign that I’m away from God’s will? Doesn’t God want peace, not fear, for my life?” Well, continuing fear might be, but it’s not unexpected that our initial response to what God is calling us to do is fear.

- Don’t allow fear to keep you from God’s best for your life.

- You can’t experience God’s best for you if you let fear rule.

a. v. 13 – “Do not fear.”

- This is repeated again and again in Scripture. “Fear not” appears 72 times in Scripture (KJV) – including almost every time that an angel appears to give a human a message from God.

- See also vv. 28-30.

b. v. 19 – “good news”

c. v. 74 – “serve Him without fear”

- Fear is a natural response, but it’s not the response of a trusting Christian.

- Choose trust over fear.

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