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"When You Get Delivered"

Acts 3:1-8

Awww come on & praise the Lord everybody!!! He’s worthy to be praised up in this house!! Ushers, you may let the worshippers in, as the people of God are seated in the presence of the Lord. I will not be before you long on this evening, but for just a few minutes I want to talk from the subject as the Holy Spirit shall lead & guide of "When You Get Delivered!" Look at your nieghbor & say "Nieghbor, when I get Delivered." Can I help somebody on today??

My Brothers and my Sisters, if I could keep it real with you for just a few minutes on today, this text excites me, and it, it excites me because a man who has been sick for many years, has now, been, been, delivered. Somebody oughta shout delivered!! He’s been delivered, he’s been delivered, and I believe that in the text, he shows us what to do and how to act when you get delivered. Can I teach y’all for a minute?? Look at the text, verse 8 says "He got up" and when you get delivered by God from something that’s the first thing you gotta do, you gotta get up. Far too many of us are being delivered from things by God and ways are being made and doors are being opened but we’re still sitting in our mess. We’re still held in bondage by that thing not because God has not delivered us, but because we refuse to get up outta our mess even after God iopens up a door. Can I get a witness in this house? And so the first thing you gotta do is you gotta get up! Somebody oughta shout "Get Up!"

But not only that, not only that, verse 8 also says that the man, "began to walk, and to leap, and to skip." When he found he was delivered and could now move his limbs he began to walk, then when he found out he could walk he began to leap & skip. And when you get delivered, you gotta learn how to walk, leap, and skip into your new way of life. You’ve gotta learn how to walk away from that which you’ve been delivered from, and not turn back. Look at somebody & say, "I won’t go back, becauase God has brought me, too far, he’s bought me a mighty long way!!" If you’ve been delivered, you should have a skip in your step, a leap and a bound in your walk, you should be running, ha, into the house of God, ha, with a dance in your step, ha, and a leaping in your heart, ha, for you’ve been delivered, ha, you’ve been set free, ha, wellll, can I teach you one more thing, ha, the man Got up, ha, he leaped, skipped, and jumped, but then thirdly, ha, look at verse 8, it says "He praised God, and walked into the temple with them!" When you get delivered, ha, you’ve gotta learn how to praise God!!!!! Can I get a witness, ha, as much as God has done for you, ha, you oughta be on your feet, ha, ha, giving God praise, ha, up in this house!!!! like you’ve lost your mind!!!!! For when I think of the goodness of Jesus!!!!! And allllllll he’s done for me, ha, my soul cries out, HALLELUJIAHHHHH!!!!!!!! And so the man, ha, praised God, ha, he went into the temple, ha, shouting unto God, dancing unto god, ha, and giving God glory!!!!!!! Ha, I feel like preaching!!!!!

Can I go ahead & keep it real with you for about 3 more minutes, ha, and then i’m going back to my seat, ha, look at the text, ha, Peter and John were on thier way into the temple for worship, ha, and this man lame from birth was being laid at the temple gate, ha, as he was each day, ha, to beg from those, ha, that were entering into the temple,, and when he saw Peter & John enter, ha, he asked them for some money, ha, and the word says that Peter & John, ha, looked at him intently,ha, and Peter says, ha, "Look at us!" Implying that they didn’t have any money, ha, but then Peter says, ha, "Silver & gold have I not, but what I have, ha, I freely give to you, in the name of Jesus, ha, take up your bed & walk!" Can I help somebody right now, ha, you may not always get what you want from God, but he’ll give you what you need ha, can I get a witness? The man wanted money, ha, but God gave him legs to walk, ha, so that he’ll never have to beg agasin, ha, thank you Jesus, ha, and what God gives you, ha, will be far better, ha, than anything you could have ever imagined, ha, i’m going back to my seat, ha, i’m closing, ha, the book, but then the word says, "That Peter helped the man up, and as he did, ha, his anklebones and legs were strengthened and healed, ha, then he began to walk, and walking, leaping, jumping, and praising God he entered into the temple, ha when you get delivered ha, you’ve gotta get up, ha, and then you’ve gotta jump, leap, skip, shout, worship, dance, extol, and praise god, ha, like you never have before, ha, like you’ve lost your mind!!!!! I dare you to praise him!!!!! I DARE YA!!!!! I DARE YA!!!!!!!! I DARE YA!!!!!!!! SHOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUTTTTTTTT GGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLOOOOOOORRRRRY!!!!!

When you get delivered...

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