Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 1st sermon in the series "Life Challenges". This sermon shows how we can still praise God even in the worst of circumstances.

Sunday Morning November 4, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM

Series: Life’s Challenges [#1]


Job 1


As I begin a new series this morning, I can assure you that I have prayed and prayed about what God would have me to preach. I stayed up almost all night Monday night trying to figure out what to preach and as soon as I gave up, went to bed, and almost went to sleep; God gave me this sermon.

If I asked each of you this morning how you feel concerning what happened on September 11, 2001 or this Anthrax scare, some would say that they are not too worried. Others would say that it is all terrible and very terrifying for those that live in big cities. Others would say that they are not worried at all and some would say that they are afraid to open their mail or go outside fearing that something will happen to them. I will assure that depending on where you are at determines some of your fears. If it were you running down 100 flights of stairs to spare your life, it would be scary.

How about those that have lost loved ones? How about all of those children that lost parents and now are alone? Right now for them, life has hit bottom. Life has got about as bad as it could possibly get.

Turn with me to Job 1.

I. Blessed

A. Great Family

1. 7 sons.

2. 3 daughters.

B. Great Wealth

1. Many animals.

2. Many servants.

C. Great Reputation

1. He was considered the greatest man amongst all of the people of the East.

2. God considered him a great man.

II. Bombarded

A. Satan’s Location

1. Roaming the earth.

2. Looking for trouble.

B. Satan’s Attack

1. On Job’s property and servants.

2. On Job’s family.

C. Satan’s Damage

1. Property and servants: DESTROYED!

2. Children: DESTROYED!

III. Bottom

A. Job Grieved

1. He was devastated by these tragedies.

2. Of course he grieved, he had lost almost everything.

B. Job Worshipped

1. This seems strange at a time like this, but Job fell to the ground and worshipped God.

2. Job knew Who was in control although it was hard to understand why this had happened. Job did not hesitate. He turned to God right away.

C. Job Did Not Sin

1. Job did not allow these tragedies to cause him to quit or to blame others or to curse God.

2. Job knew that God was still in control.


Many of us have hit bottom. When things were going good, we were serving God greatly. But, when Satan attacks and life gets rough, we have quit.

When we have seemed to lose more that we could bear, where did you turn? Did you praise and worship God during this tragedy? When life is tough, do you raise your hands towards heaven and say, “I praise You God?” Or, do you raise your hands towards heaven and say, “Why me God”?

All though much of this still does not make sense, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

Jeremiah 32:17-23.

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