Summary: The characteristics of true love.

When You’re In Love

1 John 4:9 - 10

I. What love is not

- Love is not a feeling

- Love is not an emotion

- Love is not an act

II. How do I know when it’s love

- Love consumes - we are always on God’s heart is the reverse true?

- Love is blind - God sees each of us as His we see others

that way.

- Love thinks not of one’s self - but always of others

- Love creates a desire to spend time with one another

- Love fills an empty void

- Love gives of itself to meet all needs

- Love sacrifices for the sake of one another

III. Things that extinguish the love’s fire

- Lack of communication

- Unfocused love - can’t love 2 things with all of your heart

- Rejection

God has been in love with you since before you were born. Are you in love with Him?

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