Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the "Life’s Challenges" series. This sermon looks at when your family collapses and what you can do.

Sunday Evening November 11, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM

Series: Life’s Challenges [#4]


2 Samuel 13


I will never forget the day that I was called to go sit with a 4-year-old that had just watched her daddy kill her mother. The grandparents were there with her and you could see total destruction written all over them.

I will also never forget the grandmother saying, “I guess God is asking me to raise another child. I just hope I do it right this time because you can see that my daughter took the wrong path”.

Some of you here tonight are experiencing total collapse of your family. What do you do?

Let’s look tonight at an example of a family that fell apart and what the father did.

Turn with me to 2 Samuel 13.

I. Like Father, Like Son (Amnon) [Read these verses and summarize]

A. Sin #1: Lust (2 Samuel 13:1-4)

B. Sin #2: Deceit (2 Samuel 13:5-11)

C. Sin #3: Rape (2 Samuel 13:12-19)

II. Like Father, Like Son (Absalom) [Read these verses and summarize]

A. Sin #1: Hatred (2 Samuel 13:20-22)

B. Sin #2: Deceit (2 Samuel 13:23-28)

C. Sin #3: Murder (2 Samuel 13:29)

III. Like Father, Like Son (David)

A. Motivated

1. David wanted his son back.

2. David was motivated by love.

3. God wants us to be close to Him and all He does for us is because of His love for us.

B. Moved

1. David forgave Absalom.

2. David welcomed Absalom in his presence.

3. God welcomes us as His children into His presence.

C. Mourned

1. Absalom sinned against David and yet he still mourned Absalom’s death.

2. Although Absalom was trying to kill his father, David still loved his son deeply.

3. Although we have sinned against God over and over again, He still loves us and it saddens Him when we do wrong and are distanced from Him.


This family fell apart. We can see that David’s family was in constant turmoil.

Your family may be the same.

You must remember that God would want you to forgive and love them just as He has forgiven and loves you.

I know that I have not given you a “magical” formula for your family problems, but that is because only God can take care of your family.

With as many problems as David’s family had, God still blessed that family by sending the Messiah and He came right from that family line.

God is still in control. Give Him all of your cares tonight.

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