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Summary: When your life gets interrupted, each day our lives face unexpected things that happen, how you can turn those things around for God’s glory and learn to live in victory !

Life’s interruptions are those times in life when things just don’t seem to go the way we had planned. Interruptions can either make us or break us. We can learn from life’s experiences, or we can become resentful and close ourselves off to all that God has for us.

For example, in the Old Testament, Joseph’s life was interrupted by some experiences that could have left him bitter and resentful. In each trial that Joseph faced in life, he had a choice to make. He could allow each setback to break him and bring disillusionment or he could allow life’s circumstances to make him into the man God desired him to be.

When his brothers sold him into slavery, Joseph could have chosen to be bitter. And when he was thrown into prison, Joseph again could have become resentful and angry. After all, people had failed Joseph! His own brothers sold him into slavery, Pharaoh’s wife lied about him, and the cupbearer forgot about him. Joseph had every opportunity to lose faith, not only in people, but also in his dreams; however, if Joseph had become bitter, he never would have achieved in life what God had already designed and purposed for him.

For example, life’s interruptions can teach us how to handle our pride. Many times life doesn’t go quite like we think it should because we think more highly of ourselves than we ought. But if we allow God to teach us in the situations in life instead of just griping and complaining, we will grow spiritually and profit by life’s experiences. And if we will allow them to, life’s interruptions can prepare us for greater service for God.

When life doesn’t go exactly as you think it should, instead of getting negative and downcast, look for the light of God at the end of the tunnel. When interruptions come along, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, say, “Father please use this situation to prepare me for greater service for You.”

Life’s interruptions not only prepared Joseph for greater service, but these interruptions, the pit, Potiphar, and the prison, also equipped him to assist Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt (Genesis Chapters 37-45).

Life’s interruptions caused Joseph to be in a position where doors opened to him that never would have opened otherwise. Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt” (Gen. 41:41). In other words, Pharaoh placed Joseph in a unique position of authority. Joseph had been well prepared by God to succeed!

I’m sure that when Joseph was thrown into that pit as a boy and sold as a slave, he wondered how his dreams were ever going to come true. When he sat in that prison cell, Joseph may have questioned God, “How can this be possible? I know what You showed me!”

But God turned every one of life’s interruptions to Joseph’s benefit as he trusted God and did not allow his heart to become bitter and resentful. Because Joseph kept his heart right before God and allowed Him to work in his life, God brought Joseph from the pit to the position of Prime Minister of Egypt! Joseph came to a place of great preeminence and success in life because he put his faith in God and refused to allow any interruptions to keep him down!

Joseph allowed life’s experiences to teach him humility and to show him that God can work in any situation. Also, Joseph let these interruptions teach him that God’s opportunities would remain available to him as long as he stayed obedient to God!

When you are confronted with life’s interruptions, stay in faith and declare, “My situation may be impossible with man, but it is possible with God” (Luke 18:27). Then allow God to turn that impossible situation in your life to your good and to His Glory!

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