Summary: Being wealthy monetarily does not mean we have the right be inactive spiritually.

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Where are the rich?

James 5:1-6


I was looking at this scripture wondering what the Lord wanted to say from this passage and I thought well we are dealing with the rich maybe we should look at the Biblical perspective of money. I am learning when I think to much about a message it isn’t God. Because I was very unsatisfied about where it was going and I just stopped and said, “Lord in the context of the text what do you want say.” And the Lord answered by asking me a question, “Where are the rich?” Where they in place and in personality?

I. They are not helping with the work and are leaving it up to everyone else.

a) They did not do any work for themselves or even intend to do any work…

b) If one person does it all they will burn out. But if many people do it all

c) We don’t want one person doing all the work… we want everyone sharing in it

II. They are hoarding what is valuable, they share nothing and give nothing.

a) They have separated themselves from a certain type of people and pour nothing into them

i) They are rich they don’t associate with the poor…

ii) They don’t want to lower themselves to second class

iii) It is unfortunate that so many of us still have not separated ourselves from our high school cliques…but they seem inevitable

b) They are fraudulently holding back from giving to the work of the Lord.

i) Something corrodes as it sits and does not get used

ii) They have let it sit instead of investing it into people or ministry

iii) For those that are working in the fields for them, they give nothing

iv) Biblical blessings are not followed with Biblical principles

(1) If God is blessing you financially or meeting your needs financially you need to obey His Word and Biblical principles with your finances…(back)

v) They had a Biblical obligation to pay the employee

(1) They had a Biblical Obligation to pay the people according to Lev 19:13 and Deut 24:15 The wages of him who is hired shall not remain with you all night until morning… paid daily

vi) They have a Biblical obligation to Tithe to God

(1) A tithe is a tenth and the Word says in Mal 3:8-9 “you have robbed me in tithes and offerings”

(2) I have heard it said we are under the new law we don’t have to tithe

(3) Abraham tithed, the Law came in under Moses, Abraham was before law The tithe is mentioned in the law but not of the law

III. They came for the sacrificial feast, fattened their hearts, but will not exercise

a) The day of slaughter was a day of the sacrificial feast such as Passover.

i) The lamb was slaughtered and the entire lamb was consumed.

ii) James is making an allusion that they are coming to indulge in the feast, but want nothing to do with the sacrifice (Isaiah 1)

iii) They have come to feed off of everyone else’s sacrifices

iv) It is pleasurable to eat and be filled it is not pleasurable to give something away that’s yours to be killed… that was part of their hoarding…

v) They had to take the first born, unblemished lamb,

(1) This hatred is mine, I won’t kill it… bitterness, wound…

vi) You have to make a sacrifice before you can take part of the feast…

vii) You have to pick up the cross, before you can follow Him…

b) The church is meeting often at this time

i) But they feel they only need to come to the once a year slaughter…

ii) While the church is continuing to meet on a daily basis sharing their food and communion and fellowship (Acts 2:46)

IV. When their words are full of condemnation

a) Their words are condemnation to the workers…

b) Their words are not encouragement to the workers

i) Our words should be as is written in Hebrews 10:24 “Let us consider one another (for a purpose) in order to stir up love and good works…”

ii) Are you considering one another and are speaking a word into them that spurs on love and good works?


In light of this scripture you may say well I am glad I am not rich, but we have a lot of people who are acting like these in the church.

They are not helping with the work and are leaving it up to everyone else.

They are hoarding what is valuable, they share nothing and give nothing.

They have separated themselves from certain types of people and pour nothing into them

They are fraudulently holding back from giving to the work of the Lord.

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