Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 9th sermon in the series, "Pot Holes". Where is your life headed?

Sunday Morning August 30, 2009

Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: Pot Holes [#9]


1 Samuel 17:1-58


Where are you headed? As you go through life, where do you want to end up? When you reach the end of your life, what will it be that would cause you to say, “I ran a good race, I fought a good fight”? If you feel like you are aimlessly going through life, what would it take for that to change?

As we go through life, there will always be roadblocks, impossible places to get by, potholes, flat tires, etc… What do we do so that at the end of our journey we know that we did more than just make it? I think that one of the key factors is: When you go through a problem, how do you come out of it? We all will go through things. It’s in how we face it that will determine the how we come out of it at the other end.

We are going to spend another week in 1 Samuel 17 as we discover more truths from God’s Word from the story of David and Goliath.

1. When you encounter sin, deal with it the first time.

Goliath was from the city of Gath in the land of the Anakites. The Anakites were giant people and Joshua had destroyed all of them while taking the Promised Land except in 3 cities, (one of those being Gath).

We need to understand that whatever sin and disobedience is allowed to continue now, may become the giant that haunts you down the road. We can’t afford to leave giants laying around in our lives.

2. When you encounter a problem, remember that it’s not as big as it appears.

Goliath in all of his armor must have been an overwhelming sight. This over 9 foot tall man must have appeared to have been undefeatable. When David told Saul he was going to fight Goliath, Saul’s first reply is, “You can’t, because Goliath is an experienced fighter”. How did Saul know that? He didn’t. He assumed that.

We often give the enemy much more power than he really has. Goliath seemed undefeatable; but I don’t think Goliath believed that. If Goliath didn’t think he could be defeated by anyone, then why did he send his armor bearer out ahead of him every time? Goliath needed someone to take the first shots for him. The enemy knows that he can be defeated so he puts others out ahead of them to take his shots. If you aren’t working for the Lord you are bearing armor for the devil.

3. When you encounter the threats of the enemy, don’t stop and settle in.

The enemy’s true goal is to make you believe you don’t have a chance. Goliath spent a lot of time yelling and strutting around. The men in the camp began to talk about the reward for someone if they would defeat Goliath. They were afraid to go to war, so they sat around and came up with their idea of what would work- The offer of fame and wealth. It seems like the louder and more obnoxious someone is, the more we believe them. The enemy wants and needs us to stop and do nothing but come up with our own solutions. If you are just living to survive, then this is you.

4. When you encounter criticism from your family, don’t let them tear you down.

Sometimes, the enemy can use those who you love to discourage you. David’s brother tore him down in front of the men. He accused him of being selfish, showing off, and just coming to watch a show. There’s nothing like someone who should be encouraging you, tearing you down.

As Christians, we sometimes face that older brother who tells us we can’t, or we aren’t doing it right, or we are doing it for the wrong reason, etc… Don’t worry about it. You know the truth.

5. When you encounter the battle, let the Rock crush the enemy.

David destroyed the enemy with one rock and we can too. Jesus Christ is our solid rock and when we let Jesus fight our battles we will always win.


David had victory over Goliath and the Israelites had a great victory that day. David carried Goliath’s head to Jerusalem and put Goliath’s weapons in his own tent. Not only can we have victory over the enemy, but we can take back what he has stolen from us. This morning, ask yourself if you are ready to slay the giants and take back that which belongs to you? Has the enemy robbed you of joy? Through Jesus you can have it back. Has the enemy robbed you of peace? Through Jesus you can have it back.

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