Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A sermon looking at our place with God. Are we for him or against him? If we are tempted, does that mean we are against God?

Where do we stand?

Where we stand becomes important.

I was standing outside fishing, Having a lot of fun and catching a lot of fish. So I hadn’t even noticed the ants. Then it was to late I felt the first one bite me about my belly then they all started to bite me at once. It was like they all set forth to attack at one time. I tried to stop them but I had let it go to far. To get them off I would have to drop my pants. The stings were to much, so I dropped my pants. And began to get them off and once again I found myself not even noticing some thing very important the fact that I was next to a main highway. I was soon reminded though by the honking horns of passing cars. This went from fun to pain, and from pain to shame. All because I failed to remember were I was standing.

We either stand for God or against Him ( I John 2:15-17)

I) Intro

A) We either love the things of God or we love the things of the world (V15)

B) The world is full of temptation (V16)

C) If we stand for God we will abide in his grace (V17)

Jesus was faced with this same thing in Mathew 3:13- 4:11

II) We either love the things of God or we love the things of the world (V15)

A) Jesus Chose God ( Mathew 3:13)

a. we must choose God

B) God gave him assurance ( Mathew 3:16-17)

a. God will give use his assurance by delivering the spirit

III) The world is full of temptation (V16)

A) Lust of the flesh ( Mathew 4:1-4)

Jesus was hungry after a long fast and satan asked him to choose between keeping the fast or give in to what he wanted. Jesus chose to be faithful. We to will be tempted to keep our commitments to God.

B) Lust of the eye (Mathew 4:8-10)

Jesus was asked to look at all the lights and riches of the city. And told that they could all be his if he would worship satan. Jesus said no. Will you say no to riches and yes to God.

C) Pride of life ( Mathew 4:5-7)

Jesus was being temped to show off how close he was to God. But unwilling to show off he said he had nothing to prove and said I choose not to tempt God.

IV) If we stand for God we will abide in his grace (V17)

A) satan is gone ( Mathew 4:11)

B) God sent his angels to comfort and minister ( Mathew 4:11)

V) Conclusion

A) If you stand for God you will be tempted?

B) If you make a stand God will send his spirit to lead you?

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