Summary: This is the fourth in a series of dialog based sermons based on A W Tozers book "The Knowledge of The Holy". It is in outline form and is intended for a contemporary dialog series or even a small group setting. This message deals with the question "Where

What is God Like?

Pt 4 - Where did God come from?

John 1:1-5

Well I don’t know if last week I left you with more questions than answers but if I didn’t do a good enough job then I’ll try again tonight. Tonight we are going to tackle another unanswerable aspect of God as we tackle the question that rolls from the lips of every child at some time or another.

Where did God come from?

In “On The Trinity”, Novatian said “God has no origin, and it is precisely this concept of no-origin which distinguishes That-which-is-God from whatever is not God.”

Genesis 1:1

John 1:1-5

Why is the idea of the origin of God so uniquely difficult for us? Origin is a word that can apply only to things created. As a created thing we cannot understand the idea of anything that is infinite.

Are Christians the only ones who need to deal with this idea of something that has no beginning?

Tozer writes “We tend to be disquieted by the thought of One who does not account to us for His being, who is responsible to no one, who is self-existent, self-dependent, and self sufficient.” Do you think that is true if so why or why not?

Some would argue that this is just something to argue over and is not really relevant to our world and walk. Do you think that is true?

What parts of our walk are dependent on our understanding of an eternal self-existent God?

“Because man is born a rebel, he is unaware that his is one. His constant assertion of self, as far as he thinks of it at all, appears to him a perfectly normal thing. He is willing to share himself, sometimes even to sacrifice himself for a desired end, but never to dethrone himself. No matter how far down the scale of social acceptance he may slide, he is still in his own eyes a kind on a throne, an no one, not even God, can take that throne from him.”

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