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Summary: There is no need to wonder where God is. God is on the mountain, in the fire, and in the water. God is here for you and I. How can we find Him?

Where’s God?

Two young lads had terrorized their neighborhood with their pranks and thefts. The parents didn’t know what to do and finally with the assistance of their minister, it was decided that the clergy would intervene and attempt to straighten out the boys. The parents needless to say were ecstatic and wanted to send both boys immediately. The old minister declined and wished only the younger son. He would be more impressionable and would therefore assist in correcting the older boy. Everyone agreed and Billy, the youngest son was sent to the church that afternoon.

The lad arrived and was ushered into the church office where he was offered a very large chair in front of the desk. The minister then sat down opposite the lad. He folded his hands in front of him and stared at the boy a few seconds then said, “Where is God?”

Billy wasn’t sure what the question meant, so he just sat there quietly.

The minister leaned over his desk, locked eyes and said in a much stronger voice, “Where…is…God?”

Billy started to squirm. He had no idea why he was here and the minister kept asking the same question.

The minister then stood, again leaned over the desk and glared right at Billy, “Where is God? He asked.

The poor boy was now really getting scared and snuggled back into the full chair. The minister, meanwhile, moved from behind his desk to stand directly in front of Billy and raised one hand upward to Heaven.

“WHERE…IS…GOD?” he bellowed at the lad.

Poor Billy lost it. What could he do? Here was a man of God asking questions he didn’t understand and he was scared. So he jumped up out of the chair, ran from the office, down the church aisle, out onto the sidewalk, up the street into his house. The he raced up the stairs and into their bedroom.

“What’s wrong Billy?” his brother asked.

“Oh, Johnny,” he said. “We’re in BIG trouble this time. God’s missing and they think we took Him.”

We don’t have to wonder where God!

He is:

I. On the Mountain 1 Kings 18:20, 1 Kings 18:38

II. In the Fire Daniel 3:23-25

III. In the Water Mathew 14:25-32

I. On the Mountain 1 Kings 18:20, 1 Kings 18:38

a. Elijah was on the Mountain top

1. He was the man (paraphrase the story)

b. Elijah knew Where God was and so did the prophets and people of Baal VERSE 38

c. Believe it or not sometimes were on the MOUNTAIN. Everything is going great for us. Marriage, Finances, Job, School, Health, etc

d. The question we need to ask ourselves is this—Are we allowing God to be on that Mountain top with us?

e. If we look to Elijah has our example: Elijah allowed God to be there with him. Elijah new he was on that MOUNTAIN for one reason only God put him there.

f. Where’s God? On the MOUNTAIN with us or did we leave Him at the bottom. Did we say God I’ll come and get you if I need you? Remember God put us on the MOUNTAIN.

II. In the Fire Daniel 3: 23-25

a. Now were getting to where maybe must of us are. In the fire.

b.Let us look at why Rack, Shack, and Benny were in the fire. (Paraphrase story)

1. Music and Gold—They would not serve the Kings gods.

2. Opposers—The Astrologers

3. Prideful King

c. Lets now examine are lives. Why are we in the fire?

1. All of us at some point in our lives will be in the fire. I believe it is part of live. At some point we’re going to be on that mountain.

2. SENIORS—Are we lonely? Do we miss our husband or wife? Is the holiday season too much to bear?

--Are we frustrated with our health? Can we no longer do the things we once could?

Where’s God in our fire?

3. FAMILYS—Is our marriage failing?

--Teenagers too much to handle?

--Where’s God when my husband or wife is sick?

--Mom and Dad are getting a divorce?

--Where’s God in my fire?

d. I believe there is an unusual amount of hurting in our churches today. Christians are asking where is God in all of this.

e. I want him in the fire next to me like he was for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

f. Let’s take a look at this “In the Water”

III. In the Water Mathew 14:25-32

a. OH Peter! Can’t you imagine the look on Jesus face-Peter splashing the water thinking he’s going to drown.

b. Peter is US! Were splashing thinking we are going to drown. Thinking we have no hope. Where’s God when I need Him?

c. What does Jesus do? He reaches His gentle hand through the water, grabs a hold of Peter and pulls him to safety.

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