Summary: I believe at our various levels of Spirituality that we all long for the renewal of God’s divine presence. Yet we are having difficulty because of our doubts and fears.

Dr. Wayne A. Lawson

Will be delivered at

Antioch Institutional Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Sunday, April 19, 2009



++++As the Church has entered into this period of Transition, I have heard some ask WHERE IS GOD IN ALL OF THIS? Some are having a difficult time this morning being able to view God and hear His voice. I believe at our various levels of Spirituality that we all long for the Renewal of God’s divine presence. Yet we are having difficulty because of our DOUBTS and FEARS this morning. We know and have come to terms with understanding that we must hold on to our Faith in the Living God. Yet many still ask this morning Where is God?

++++In our text for examination, we find David faced with such a struggle that many are going through today. At this Juncture, the GREAT KING – MIGHTY WARRIOR – SUCCESSFUL PATRIOT - has been exiled from his kingdom and feels he has nowhere to turn. He longs for the house of God. He desires to feel the presence of God with him, but God seems to be no where around. Even those around him began to ask, “Where is thy God?” They were INSINUATING that God had left him and no longer heard his prayers.

• We too desire to feel the presence of God

• Some have suggested that God has left us

• Perhaps we have even asked ourselves Where is God?

++++In our text we find David faced with such a Dilemma. David remembers the days when he went with the multitude to the house of God. He recalls vividly the voices of PRAISE and JOY that was heard. But now they say, “Where is your God now, David?” Where is your God when you need him? Let’s examine his words again, that our recorded in our text – “MY TEARS HAVE BEEN MY MEAT” – this both denotes the great abundance and constant course of David’s tears. Possibly David’s tears and grief took away his very appetite and so were to him instead of nourishment.

++++Find enemies of David saying – DAVID, WHERE IS YOUR GOD? This question – GOD WHERE ARE YOU – VALID – also a very important question. When properly considered find it is also a DANGEROUS question. Question is as ANCIENT AS TIME ITSELF. Men often Pondered to themselves, Great minds have Considered – WIG? Not only ancient but as MODERN as this very day. This question is not only asked by the SNEERING UNBELIEVER – even Penetrates the heart of the RIGHTEOUS. The seriousness of this question is evident throughout the Holy Scripture. The ANCIENTIVITY of this question is evidenced in our scripture as we hear David crying out to God.

++++David cried out as enemies were starring at him – Where is Your God? David you are in TROUBLE – DESPONDENT in DEEP DESPAIR. Where is Your God? David it appears your God is gone and departed from thee, and nowhere to be found. Where is your God whom you so often boasted? Not only David but many of God’s great men had to take time to pause and wonder in time and days of Difficulties – Time of Great Stress. Oftentimes we have looked up in our hours of CALAMITY, our DREADFUL MOMENTS, seems we have often wondered and thought God is Not There. Great men have faced dreadful silence and felt as though God was not there.

• MOSES – wondered in maze around mountain on backside of Midian Desert

• NOAH – Preached yet no one saw it rain

• ELIJAH – Cave faced with a dried up brook

• JOB – Suffered sat in ash pile in city of Uz

• JEREMIAH – weeping in a dungeon

• DANIEL – down in lions den

• 3 HEBREW BOYS – Fiery Furnance

• JOSEPH – Potipar’s Prison

• JONAH – Depth of Belly of Great Fish


• JESUS – Friday about 3 o’clock – MY GOD MY GOD….

++++Sometimes it seems as though God does not hear our cry. Bended knees fervent prayer. Songwriter wrote PASS ME NOT O GENTLE SAVIOR…We often cry out as world SNARES at us – JEERS at us – ATHEIST will ask us WIG? Will ask this in midst of starving world – POVERTY – SOCIAL INJUSTICE – FINANCIAL UNREST – ANARCHY – TERRORISM - PSALM 14 “THE FOOL HAS SAID IN HIS HEART, THERE IS NO GOD.” Stopped by tell you this morning that GOD IS.

• A Creation without a God, who could Conceive such a thing?

• This Creation Gives Proof to the Creator!



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