Summary: This is a natural question. Job was a righteous man we should consider the reasons for suffering and then remember that suffering can be redemptive.

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April 20, 2008 Jay Davis Robison JOB 1:1-3 & 13-21

Douglas- Faithful Xian who after yrs of training in psychotherapy

turned down a lucrative career to start an inner city ministry

few yrs ago wife discovered lump in breast, had breast removed

Aft 2 yrs cancer spread to lungs, D took over many household chores

wife struggled with chemo lost hair, often sick, depressed

then one night in midst of crisis driving with wife & 12 yr old

drunk driver crossed line hit head-on wife shaken but unhurt

girl facial cuts, Douglas massive blow to head

Douglas never knew from then on when headache might strike

in middle of work may become disoriented and forgetful, 1 eye

wandered at will no focus, could not read more than 1 or 2 pgs

stay tuned for more on this modern day Job later in sermon

Job SCARES US yet he also ATTRACTS US, most loved and feared

loved because every time we read it our hearts go out to him

feared because we fear it could happen to us,

There are 3rd world children by the thousands who are starving

faithful pastors who are imprisoned, good people very sick,

millions who never give God a thought yet prosper


Job-book not to be read but experienced

We all have lost jobs, all face health problems, divorce, alcohol,

who hasn’t left cemetery after burying part of self w\loved one

know parents here who have looked for prodigal to return

We could all list hurts in our lives

Gnawing Quest why? Sometimes in darkness w\no seeming answer

I. Job: A MAN OF SORROWS feel along with me a few minutes

A. vs. 1-3 tell us about Job his character

1. BLAMELESS, UPRIGHT, FEARED GOD, SHUNNED EVIL, not perfect but godly, vs. 3 called greatest in all east

2. From land of Uz Edomite, or in trans-Jordan region

3. 10 kids; wealthy; sheep, oxen, donkeys, camels, & servants

we have here a man who is living American dream

centuries before there is even an America

B. Vs 13-20 things down hill fast

1. vs. 15 oxen plowing, donkeys in field, Sabeans Arabic nomads

swoop down stole 500 yoke of oxen and killed servants

2. vs. 16 Job’s 7000 sheep & servants in field fire from heaven

we call lightening came down burned up all people & sheep

3. vs. 17 Chaldeans mighty Mesopotamian warriors 3 columns as in war, pillaged your 3000 camels, killed servants

4. vs. 18 your 7 sons and 3 daughters were having a party together

also mentioned in vs. 13 so we won’t miss it

vs. 19 great wind Tornado came house fell on his kids all killed

C. Note some things about these descriptions

1. in each instance "only I have escaped" devastation total

2. as one telling tale of sorrow another coming w\greater woe

Job did not have a thorn in flesh, beaten by thorn bush

3. gain comfort believing God will not lay any more on us than we

can handle, someone once said wish God didn’t trust me so much

4. Consider Job’s response you know how sometimes suspect

bad news haunted with feeling something wrong before you

hear the news I think Job knew something bad happen

vs. 20 the rug has been pulled out from under him

he tears his robe and shaves his head, sorrow & dismay

5. Later in book read Job has boils & sores all over his body

II. Consider Reasons FOR SUFFERING

A. Suffering can result from NATURAL DISASTER

1. Tornado and lightening took part of Job’s wealth

2. natural disasters floods, fires, earthquakes, storms

Bible does indicate God has used these in past

does not mean every natural disaster sent from God

3. Some insurance policies still call such things acts of God

storms can damage our possessions, fire does come

they are part of what it means to live life

4. Mark 15:33 when Jesus on cross darkness fell on earth

a reflection of the suffering on the cross

B. Suffering can be caused by Human SIN

1. Sabeans and Chaldeans stole livestock and killed servants

2. so also you and I can be hurt by the sins of others

when a baby is born with a preventable birth defect

he or she is innocent but parents sin effect them

3. sober reminder my sins can effect you and your sins me

even if you do not raise a hand against me

your sin could discourage me from doing what is right

4. Satan said to God Job serves you for nothing

let me have a chance at him

C. Suffering as a consequence for our sin

1. sin carries punishment, we need to ask are we responsible,

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