Summary: Malachi writes to the same audience who under the leadership of Nehemiah said “let us rise and build” They now needed to be rebuilt themselves. God asked them, “Where is your heart?”

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• In the summer between my Jr. and Sr. year at Bible College, I took a 2 week intensive course in “Systematic Christian Doctrine.” 1 week later we took the final exam. Our professor reviewed all this stuff we needed to know for the exam. On the day of the test, we arrived to a room where one question was written on the board. “If you were ministering to a third world tribe who had never heard of the God of the Bible, how would you explain the concept of God, Jesus Christ, and his church? No less than 5 pages, no more than 10. That was our exam.

o I was mortified. Totally Unexpected. Hardest final I have ever taken.

• For the last few weeks “Revival” – talked about several aspects of revival – Been looking intensively at God’s blueprint – II Chr 7:14

• Now – Final Exam. Guess what. One question

o Where is your heart?

• Malachi

o Malachi writes to the same audience who experienced revival under the leadership of Nehemiah. These same people who once said “let us rise and build” now needed to be rebuilt themselves. So as a result, God gives them a final exam.

• Is essence he asked them one question. “Where is your heart?” But like the one question Dr. Smeal asked me, this question had three parts. And we, in our final exam need to answer these questions.


a. The type of dialogue used in Malachi is reminiscent of a teacher orally grading a final exam.

i. He states the facts, and the students respond negatively (When did we hear about that? – That wasn’t on the review) and then the teacher discusses the full meaning.

ii. God’s says through Malachi, “ I loved you”

1. The people respond – When?

2. From the very beginning!

b. For our Love to be full, for our heart to be where it needs to be – we need to be constantly reminded of God’s love. Our love will never be what it needs to be until we have really experienced his.

c. Where is your Love? “I love God – we respond”

i. Ephesus

ii. How an you tell – it’s difficult


a. God said, “I gave you what is right, but you gave me what is left.”

i. You wouldn’t do this for anyone else

b. They had lost sight of God, they had abandoned hope for personal growth and change. And as a result…


ii. Mal 1:7 NASU - "You are presenting defiled food upon My altar. But you say, "How have we defiled You?’ In that you say, "The table of the LORD is to be despised.’

iii. We have under-emphasized giving our best to God.

1. I don’t what this to become a sermon on giving… but

2. 3:8-9

a. Based on Average income – family units – retired $24k– working $48k– student – 10% - $14,169

3. Again, not a sermon on giving – but very simply a symptom.

4. A symptom of a heart that needs revival!

c. I love what God says to conclude this speech though…

i. 3:10-12

ii. Talk about revival – What is it – spiritual healing – windows of heaven –

iii. But it all comes down to that final exam question – where is your heart – answer that by asking


a. The difference between revived people and unrevived people – those who live the will of God and those who don’t!

i. If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

b. Here’s the point, revival is not simply a feeling – it’s not even a passing commitment – It is a complete change of life and thinking!

c. This is one of Christianity’s basic truths – things need to change.

i. Scan Col 3:1-15

ii. Romans 12:2

d. So, have you? Have you changed? Where is you heart?

e. How can one determine where their heart is?

i. Matthew 6:21: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

ii. What do you value? Treasure?

1. Kids – free time – money - self


Where is your heart? Seriously! That’s what this whole series on Revival has come down to.

The future of your Christian walk depends on how you answer that question.

The future of this church depends on how you answer that question.

We all need Revival! You know why?

Because a revived life is the most explicit and clearest testimony to the reality of God in God-indifferent world.

Because living a revived life helps us find who we are and why God has placed us here on the earth.

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