Summary: As children of God we have an Eternal hope! This sermon looks the objects of hope in God’s word.

Where is Your Hope? Various Scriptures


Hunter’s story: Two men go out hunting and they end up getting lost. One hunter says to the other, “I heard that if you fire three shots in the air someone will find you.” To which the other replied, “Let’s do it!” So they fired three shots in the air and after an hour had past they decided to fire three more shots in the air….two hours past and one of the hunters said, “Lets try it once more.” The other hunter replied, “Ok, but I sure hope it woks this time…I only have three arrows left!”

These two men placed there hope on the wrong things

People place there hope in many different things, sometimes it is the wrong things

Where do we place or hope?

Family and friends



Stock market

Material things

Where do you place your hope?

If it is in the things I just mentioned then that hope will end

Family and friends, although sad, dies or disappoints you!

Your career could end…you could get fired!

From birth you started dying, your health will decline and you will eventually die

The stock market will go up and down….remember that it has crashed before

Material things can be stolen, lost, or over time will decay

When we look at God’s word we can see objects of hope…place your hope in these

1. Hope in God—Psalm 71:5, 14; Romans 15:13

2. Hope in Christ—Romans 12:12; I Thessalonians 1:3

3. Hope in our Salvation—Romans 5:1-5

4. Hope in the Resurrection—Acts 23:6

5. Hope in Eternal Life—Titus 1:2

6. Hope in Glory—Romans 5:2; Colossians 1:27

7. Hope in Christ’s return—Romans 8:24; II Timothy 4:1,8


The Hope in Christ and His resurrection is one of the greatest virtues of the Christians life.

Where does your hope lie? Hope in the things of this earth will not last!

Only the blessed hope in Christ our Savior will last!

So as Children of God we have the hope and assurance that through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, eternal life


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