Summary: This sermon deals with our faithfulness in living out our faith while anticipating the return of Christ Jesus.

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Luke 12: 32 – 40 – Where Is Your Treasure

Intro: Long ago, in a kingdom far, far away, a rich king hired a “fool” to entertain him and make him laugh when he was sad. He gave the fool a golden scepter and told him that when he met a greater fool than he, to pass the golden scepter to that person. Years passed and one day the king grew very ill. As he neared death, the king called for his “fool” wanting to be made to laugh one last time. “I’m going on a very long journey,” said the king to the fool. “Have you made preparations and arranged for accommodations at your destination?” asked the fool. “No,” answered the king. “I’ve been too busy and I didn’t think I would be leaving so soon.” The fool handed the king his golden scepter and said, “Sire, you are a greater fool than me since you have made no plans for your long journey.”

I. I ask you gathered here, are you a fool? How big a fool are you? Have you made preparations for your journey? Do you even know where you are going?

A. When hurricane Rita was headed our way, many people, including Barbara and I, had no idea where we were going or what we would take with us. When you can’t take it all, what do you take?

B. We listen to the warnings every year to be prepared during hurricane season. Since our experience with Rita, people are a little more prone to prepare; but, my guess is as that memory fades, so will the preparedness of the general population.

C. In verses 32 – 33, Jesus gives instructions on the attitude a Christian should have toward our treasures. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

II. Verses 34 – 38, Some people live as if there will be no tomorrow. Live it up and do it all today! “Waiting for the master to return.”

A. We all know that when the boss isn’t around or when no one is around, people tend to goof off on the job! --- A recent email circulated sharing excuses people used when caught with their head down taking a nap. A few of my favorites are: “I was just resting my eyes for a moment.” --- “I think best with my eyes closed.” --- The number 1 best thing to say, “in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.”

B. Contemporary Christians have become complacent. Jesus hasn’t returned yet, so maybe we have a few more days. Besides, that’s why we have the pastor. He’s supposed to be watching and warn us.

C. “While touring Europe a tourist visited a lovely estate in Italy. He admired the beautiful garden encountering the gardener he said, “You’ve done a beautiful job. How long have you worked here?” 25 years, came the answer. “How often has the owner been to this estate?” – 4 times – “when was he here last?” – 12 years ago. “You keep the garden so lovely one would assume you were expecting the owner tomorrow.” – “Today, sir, today!”

III. Verses 39 – 40, The gardener couldn’t let the weeding and planting go until her heard the owner’s car in the driveway. He had no way of knowing when he would arrive. “the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.”

A. In her book, “Favorite Stories.” By Heather A. Hannam, she quotes Oswald Chambers as saying, “God does not call us to be successful, only faithful.”

B. We prefer to worry about all the “what ifs” --- What if: our money doesn’t last until the next paycheck, I get laid off, my marriage is on the rocks, my kids get caught up in drugs, what if I died tomorrow? WHAT IF!?

C. God has promised through Christ to care for us, to redeem us, to provide for us. Yet, you and I want to rely on ourselves. We want to be assured that things will turn out the way we want, when we want.

Conclu: God’s question on the last day will not be, “How much were you noticed?” or “How much did you do?” or “How much did you give?” --- God’s question to each of us will be “Were you faithful in fulfilling your calling where I placed you?” --- Not just once in a while, not just when we were younger, but throughout our entire life.

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