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  • Excuses

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jun 24, 2022

    No excuse is sufficient to keep us from following where Christ Jesus calls.

  • A Pig's Tale

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jun 18, 2022

    No one is beyond the power of Christ Jesus to drive out our demons.

  • Ask Anything

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jun 3, 2022

    What questions would you ask Jesus if He were here?

  • Being One

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on May 26, 2022

    Unity in the church is not forgetting out differences; but, working with them by loving and service each other and our community.

    Being One – John 17: 20 - 26 Intro: The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the Alps rising 14,692 feet. Four men attempted to climb the northern face of the Matterhorn, all roped together. As they crossed a particularly treacherous place, one man lost his more

  • Whoever Loves

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on May 18, 2022

    If we truly love the Lord, there is no reason to fear when doing what we are called to do.

    Whoever Loves – John 14:23 -29 Intro: Listen to the following expressions and think about the last time you may have heard them: Luv ya man! / I just love German chocolate cake! / I love your new hair cut! / I love your outfit! --- These expressions all deal with the word LOVE. NOW, I more

  • New Things

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on May 13, 2022
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    God's will shall be done when Christ returns to rule.

    New Things – Revelation 21: 1 - 6 Intro: The City Bank of Binghamton, New York, sent an arrangement of beautiful flowers to the management of their new branch on the occasion of their opening a new facility. Unfortunately, the florist placed the wrong card on the flowers. It read, “Deepest more

  • How Long?

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on May 6, 2022

    How long will we languish in our comfortable sanctuaries without seeking to follow Christ Jesus in affecting change?

  • Do You Love Me?

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Apr 29, 2022

    To what extent are we willing to love Christ Jesus/

    Do You Love Me? John 21: 1 - 19 Intro: It is believed that the gospel of John originally ended with Chapter 20. Scholars believe this because of differences in language and sentence structure. VSS 15 – 19 are viewed as an epilogue to the story. These verses bring everything to a close and more

  • Good News Bad News

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Apr 21, 2022

    I can’t see your brain; but, I do believe that every one of you has one. The good news is that Jesus IS here and you DO have a brain. The bad news is that you may not use that good news or your brain by loving one another as Jesus loves to reveal that love to the world.

  • Godisnowhere

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Apr 16, 2022

    Easter Day when Christians should be reminded that God is here with us through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Tempted

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Mar 2, 2022

    We are often easily lead astray by temptation from the devil.

    Tempted – Luke 4: 1 - 13 Intro: Jan wanted a new dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday. She encouraged her husband, Craig, to go shopping with her at the mall. As Jan was looking over the selection of dresses, Craig’s eyes were drawn to a beautiful, shapely young lady walking by him in a more

  • The Body

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Feb 9, 2022

    There are often divisions in the body of Christ known as the church.

    The Body – I Corinthians 12: 12 – 31a Intro: You may be interested to know that there is a certain part of your body that is absolutely essential to every person. Without this body part you could not stand erect for very long, walk or run well. Guess what body more

  • Love

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Feb 9, 2022

    We are commanded by God to love everyone.

    Love – I Corinthians 13: 1 - 13 Intro: The story is told of Richard Daly who was the Mayor of Chicago for 21 years (1955 – 1976). One day, one of Mayor Daly’s speech writers came in his office and asked for a pay raise. The mayor replied, “I’m not giving you a more

  • Because

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Feb 9, 2022
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    Our lot in life depends upon who or what we depend upon to guide our living.

  • Musty Minds

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Feb 8, 2022

    We tenaciously cling to the past causing our minds to be dusty and musty.

    Musty Minds – Luke 5: 1 - 11 Intro: A young high school athlete was a part of a relay race. It involved a group of 4 athletes running around a one mile track with each person stationed at ¼ mile intervals where a baton was passed to the next runner. The more