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  • Por Su Justicia: La Necesidad De La Justicia

    Contributed by Wilbur Madera Rivas on Sep 30, 2023

    No importa quiénes seamos y qué trasfondo tengamos, todos necesitamos creer el evangelio para alcanzar la medida de la rectitud requerida.

    En el mes de octubre de 1517, un monje agustino llamado Martín Lutero, colocó sus 95 tesis en la puerta de la capilla de Wittemberg, Alemania, en las que manifestaba su oposición en contra de lo que se enseñaba en sus días respecto a las indulgencias. El problema de fondo more

  • Jesus' Third Sign Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Sep 30, 2023
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    The third sign in John 4:43-54 teaches us that Jesus is the Son of God who grants life by the word of his power.

    Introduction Loving parents will do anything to get their sick child well. When two of John Crowley’s young children, Megan and Patrick, were diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease called Pompe Disease, the disease was considered a death sentence. Crowley gave up his entire life to pursue more

  • Downside Up

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 28, 2023

    Repentance, restoration, and revelation are the prerequisites for revival. They ready us for the new things God is doing in the world.

    As most of you know, I’m a news junkie. Especially national and international news. Right now the 2024 presidential election is front and center on all the news feeds. The border crisis vies with the Ukrainian War for second place, while hovering ominously in the background is the growing threat more

  • Unrequited Love

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 27, 2023

    Why doesn't God divorce his unfaithful people? We would, in his place.

    Hosea must have been crazy. God told him to marry a prostitute named Gomer, and so he did. Now, stories of reformed prostitutes who settle down and become good wives and mothers are a staple of romantic fiction. How many of you have seen Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere as the rich man who falls more

  • The Cinderella Church

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 24, 2023

    Let’s ask God to help us dream big and believe in the future he has for us.

    "Who is here among you that remembers this house in its former glory?“ Most of you, right? Do you remember how things were, a couple of months into the rebuilding process, when the debris had been cleared away but the rebuilding hadn’t really begun yet. The shock of the fire and the more

  • What Do You Know?

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 24, 2023

    It doesn’t matter how much you care if you aren’t teaching your people what they need to know.

    Education is a hot topic around the country this year. It’s no longer about testing and accountability, but about curriculum itself. Although there’s an additional level of complication with the disagreement over why different groups have different outcomes. We no longer know, if we ever did, what more

  • Fair?

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Sep 24, 2023

    What consider fair depends on the person.

    Fair? – Matthew 20: 1 - 16 Intro: The story is told of a young Jewish man who applied for a job at the First International Bank of Israel. The bank asked for a letter of recommendation. The young man asked his rabbi to supply the requested letter. The Rabbi wrote, more

  • And Injustice For All

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 23, 2023

    The unjust judge is only a problem if we confuse God and man, and put our trust in the one instead of the other.

    Have you ever felt that God just wasn’t listening? Silent, uncaring, even absent? Perhaps you have a problem, a need, a pain, a burning question; you bring it before God, and - nothing happens. You remember what Jesus said about persisting in prayer, so you go on battering at the heavenly gates - more

  • No Halfway Measures

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 22, 2023

    The Persian Broadcasting System interviews King Nebuchadnezzar after his seven-year absence.

    Good morning. This is Ashbazar with the Persian Broadcasting System, bringing you a morning edition of the Newshour, with a breaking story live from Babylon. We have been told to stand by for a story of national importance direct from the king’s palace. As soon as they are ready, we will go direct more

  • Jesus' Second Sign Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Sep 22, 2023
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    The second sign in John 2:12-22 teaches us that Jesus is the new temple.

    Introduction One of my responsibilities as a pastor is to visit church members when they are in the hospital. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit members so that I can provide some spiritual counsel and comfort to them. During one of my first visits to a member in the hospital, I heard an more

  • Giving Hope To The Addicted In Christ Series

    Contributed by William Baeta on Sep 21, 2023

    ke “And he arose and came to his father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him”, (Luke 15:20)

    Introduction: Today is Blue Cross Sunday and the theme for the sermon is ‘Giving hope to the addicted in Christ’. The Blue Cross is a Christian organization whose major activity is the fight against alcohol and substance abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse has been a major problem throughout the ages more

  • Good Reception

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 20, 2023

    How focused are you on listening for Jesus' voice amidst the clamor of the world?

    Have any of you ever watched Joan of Arcadia? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it was about a teenage girl who talks to God. Joan never knows when he is going to appear. He can show up looking like a substitute teacher or a garbage man or a cheerleader or a toddler at a day care more

  • Kings And Kingdoms

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 20, 2023

    All governments, good and bad alike, are earthly, not heavenly. These “kings” are temporary, not permanent.

    How many of you have gone to a Hallowe'en party recently? I've been to some: harvest parties, and some Trunk or Treat gatherings. It always looks like people are having a terrific time. And there are always some great costumes, heroes and princesses and warriors and animals and people from more

  • All Mixed Up

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 20, 2023

    How do we know where we should make a stand?

    A few decades ago, when George Bush was running for president, he visited Bob Jones University. You would not believe the media firestorm that ensued. Some people were outraged that Bush went there at all, while others were astonished that his political opponents made so much of it. Of course, more

  • The Death Of Death

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Sep 19, 2023

    Jesus died as he had lived, and his is the example to follow.

    Death and disasters dominate the news, don’t they? We all know that if it bleeds, it leads. We typically have, in addition to the usual accidents and murders, natural disasters, mass shootings, genocide, and war. The murder rate has gone up in nearly all our major cities – including the one I live more