Summary: This event in Jesus’ life (Garden of Gethsemene)illustrates the process we should use in order to overcome temptation to sin and choose to do the will of God.

“Where the Victory is Won”

Matthew 26:36-56


An event in the life of Jesus illustrates for us that victory over sin day by day is not so much accomplished in the moment of action itself, but in the silent moments of inner turmoil and wrestling that occurs prior to the event. This event in Jesus’ life, known as the Garden of Gethsemene, means so much to us all. In the Garden of Gethsemene our eternal destiny was decided. It was here that Jesus wrestled with temptation to save Himself but instead He made the choice to go to the cross and save you and me. IN JESUS WE SEE THE PROCESS THAT ASSURES VICTORY OVER TEMPTATION AND SIN:


A. Jesus took Peter, James and John to the Garden of Gethsemene with Him. He desired and needed their support and encouragement. We need to seek out those who can encourage and support us in times of stress and temptation. We need fellowship with fellow-believers who can help us to do what is right in the face of Satan’s onslaught. Jesus’ friends proved unfaithful to Him. But Jesus’ example in seeking out encouragement and prayer support is an important lesson for us to emulate.

B. When we wrestle with following God’s will we should be wise enough to seek the encouragement of others and the input of others. God often uses other people to confirm or encourage the path He desires for us to take.

II. JESUS SOUGHT GOD’S WILL (26:39,42,44).

A. Jesus did not want to suffer, but He did want to save you and me from the penalty of our sin.

B. Jesus subordinated His will to the Father knowing the consequences for Himself – suffering and death.

C. Here we find our model for prayer. Seek what God wants for your life and be prepared to surrender your will to His will.


A. Jesus was betrayed – 26:46

B. Jesus was misunderstood – 26:51-55

C. Jesus was abandoned – 26:56

D. What Jesus experienced would have been enough to make most of us give up or forget the ultimate objective. But Jesus stayed focused on you and me. In spite of all the difficulty around Him, Jesus kept moving forward toward that hill called Calvary where He won the victory for us.


1. Are you neglecting to seek help and encouragement from God’s family?

2. Are you submitting your own desires to what God wants for your life?

3. Are you on a detour in your life today because you gave up on what you knew God desired for you? Are difficult circumstances controlling your decisions rather than what is right and true?

4. Follow Jesus’ example today and enjoy the fulfillment in knowing you are in God’s will.

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