Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Call to evanglelism

My fellow good people of all religions and fellow good people of no religions and the children of God;

Do you want to find God? Do we want to serve God? You can do this by simply by looking for someone less fortunate than yourself or even someone more fortunate than yourself and point them to the ROCK that is higher that you. In this day and time where the influence of Lucifer has gain a great hold on our society, there is need for the children of God to venture outside the confinement of our many church buildings. There is an enormous need to go to those Jesus sent us to serve. When we do we will discover that we are looking at the very image and likeness of God.

Centuries ago, the apostle Paul loudly declared in Acts 17 that God will not dwell in temples made by the hands of man. Today, the time has come for the church of God to finally heed the words of Paul and understand that God does not dwell in the many edifices, temples, and buildings we have foolishly labeled as the house of God. God is a spirit. God is not and will not be found in buildings made of bricks, stones, wood and mortar. In the beginning of time, he constructed buildings for him to inhabit. Genesis states that God created man and placed inside man a piece of his spirit. The Scriptures state loudly in Malachi to bring our tithes and offerings into the storehouse so there will be meat in God’s house. A storehouse is a place where something is stored. We are the place God has chosen to store His spirit since the beginning of time, therefore we, the human race, are the only storehouse or church of God not a man made building.

However, one of the saddest days in Christian history was the day when even the elect of God became fooled. The elect of God became fooled into thinking that God changed his mind and returned to live in the buildings that we constructed for the purpose of our Sunday meetings. Therefore we poured our money, time and attention into the bricks, stones, wood and mortar that surrounds us for only a few days each week. We hold these man made temples in greater esteem than the temples that God made and the lost souls we see each day.

The real temples of God, mankind, became fooled like Eve by listening to the untrue words of Lucifer. Galatians states that Jesus came to take down the walls that divide us from our fellow man. However, the servants of Lucifer hastened to teach the church of God that it is okay to neglect those lost along the way. They convinced us that God would be more pleased if we gave our tithes and offerings to construct buildings where we could come to worship. Therefore, the sad result is we now care more for a building than we do for the creation of God. If our buildings need something, we quickly sacrifice our time energy and money to provide for its every need. If our buildings calls, we quickly come running and pour upon these false temples of God our attention and care. However, when the real temple of God is hurting and in despair, we shake our heads, point our fingers and turn the other way. Some of us will sometimes stop and wrongly point the real temple toward the false temple where we worship. We do this because the day have come when even the elect of God has become fooled.

God did not commission church of God to venture into the seclusion of an enclosure where only those that join can come. Jesus commissioned us to go into the highways and the by way and compel them to come to the same understanding that spirit of God has brought us to. This understanding is simply we are the temple of God because inside us the spirit of God meant to forever dwell.

The current state of the body of Christ is not the proper representation intended by God. God is not divided. God is not a Methodist. God is not a Baptist. There is only one God and one church of God. This church of God is not denominational. However, we have been fooled by Lucifer into dividing ourselves in spite of the sacrifice of Jesus that brought us together. We have allowed the prophets of Lucifer to fool us into reconstructing the same denominational walls that Jesus died to break down. My question is this: If God is not a respecter of person and since there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, who has bewitched us into separating ourselves into the numerous denominations we cling to. This is not the gospel the disciples preached. They did not preach division of the body of Christ. The disciples spoke of the unity of the believers first with God then with each other. Therefore, since denominations are not the gospel of the disciples, it must be another gospel. Moreover, let anyone that preach another gospel except the gospel of Christ be damned.

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