Summary: We only want to go through doors that God’s hand is opening.

Well we’re in this series called doors and we’re discovering that in many ways, life is all about the doors. It’s about the doors you go in and the doors you come out. It’s about the open doors and closed doors and sometimes its even all about the slammed doors. And speaking of doors, here goes: knock, knock. WHO’S THERE? Come on, every campus, play along! Knock, knock! WHO’S THERE? Doris. DORIS WHO? Doris locked and that’s why I’m knocking! Ok, I’m here all day!

Hey, I want to get real practical today, last week was like uber inspirational, but today is going to be like uber practical because I want to help every single one of you become the best decision makers possible. I want to help you know with certainty which door to open. I want to give you a new way to know which door to enter through with every decision in life.

So maybe you’ve got 2 job opportunities, which one do you accept? Or maybe you’ve been accepted into a couple different colleges, which one do you attend, and once you choose that, which major do you choose? Or maybe you’ve got multiple people to choose from for a date, or maybe you’re on the next season of the Bachelor and you’ve got multiple people to choose from for a mate, how do you know which one to choose? When you’ve got multiple doors to choose from, how do you know which door is God’s will? That’s really the question that I want to talk about today, which door is God’s will? Is it the red one because that’s God’s favorite color or is it the white one because that represents purity, I mean really. How do you know? Should I buy this car or that car? Should I buy this house or should I stay in our old house? Is it private school or public school? Dunkin Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme – wait, we know the answer on that one already! Which door do I open? What is God’s will?

Let me just check and make sure this is a relevant topic. How many of you would like to know what is God’s will in a particular situation? Would you just raise your hand if that’s you, if you’re online, you can just type in “that’s me!” Ok, that’s most of us. What’s God’s will? In fact, I would bet that some of you have come here today and you’re facing a decision, a decision that you MUST make this week and you need to know God’s will.

Look at what the Bible says, it says, Ephesians 5:17 NASB: So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. In other words, you better be asking the question, what is God’s will, because without that question, the Bible calls you a fool! It says your foolish so today I want to help you know how to answer this question and you may want to jot down some notes because really, what I’m about to teach you is going to help you make the best decisions of your life.

I want to start with this basic premise, and I’m going to draw you a little picture here, you’ll have to excuse my drawing capabilities, I’m not an artist, but I think you’ll get the point. Here’s the premise. We only want to go through doors that God’s hand is opening. Do you see this? This is God’s hand. That’s good right? It’s a big hand! God’s got a big hand! So the premise is, we don’t want to enter doors that God has shut. We don’t want to force our way into doors that God doesn’t want us to enter. We only want to go through doors that God is opening.

When faced with a decision or with multiple options or opportunities, we always want to choose the door that the hand of God is opening because watch this, we know, down deep inside, we know that God’s plan for us is the best plan! We know that if we can make our decisions in this life based on God’s will, our lives will be better. Even if you’re here today and you’re not so sure about following God and you’re not really a church person and you’re unsure about the Bible, I think you would probably agree with me, that doing it God’s way leads to the best results.

I want everybody to look at me and understand this. God’s got a plan for your life and His plan for your life is infinitely better than your own plan for your life and so wouldn’t it be awesome if for every decision you make in the future, for every door you enter, if you could have the knowledge and the confidence and the assurance that God’s hand was opening that door? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Think about how much better your life would be if you only entered doors with God’s hand on it and today I want to tell you how you can. You can send me a thank you note later. If you’ll follow what I’m teaching you today I’m going to keep somebody from getting into a bad marriage. I’m going to keep somebody from saying yes to the wrong job. I’m going to hook somebody up who’s about to make a purchase and you shouldn’t make it. And what I’m about to teach you is going to make that clear because today I want to walk you today through the five ways that God reveals His will to you and me and before you go through a door, you ought to be looking for God’s finger prints through one or more of these ways. This is how you know God’s will about which door to enter.

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