Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Many at the last day are going to be very disappointed thinking they were going to heaven to find out that they were on the wrong road. Only those who travel the strait and narrow way will make it in. Those that do the will of God by obeying his word.

Luke 7:21-27

There are two paths in life we must choose. It is either life or it is death. We must take strait and narrow way that leads to life or the broad way that leads to destruction. We must know the road that we are traveling beloved.

Are we religious and have a form of godliness. Do we believe because we associate ourselves with church activities and functions that we are going to heaven. Do we believe that the good that we do can weigh off the sin that is in our life. Do we believe that just because we never got a traffic ticket and always have been a law abiding citizen that this satisfies the demands of a Holy God. If you believe this then you are self deceived.

The only way we can be saved is through Jesus Christ. There is no other way. God through his love towards us sent his son into the world to die for our sins. So we must come to Jesus not with our resume but we must be poor in spirit and allow him to fill us with his spirit. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10 We must believe and obey the Word of God. Through grace God gives us the chance to obey his word. We must come to Jesus Christ for he is the door of the sheep. John 10:9

Jesus shed his precious blood to pay for the penalty of our sins. When we accept him as our personal savior and obey his commandments we will make it into heaven.

Those that try to get to heaven without denying themselves by excepting Jesus as savior and do not obey him are on the broad way to destruction. They will eventually find out that they were on the wrong road all the time. They though that religious activity would get them there to find out that they were wrong. It will be a sad day for the deceived. Reminds me of the 5 foolish virgins who knocked but could not get in after the door was shut. We just cannot admire Jesus but we have to commit ourselves to obeying what he says.

God is a forgiving God. Isaiah 55:7 says' Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and le him return unto the Lord and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God for he will abundantly pardon. if you choose the broad way it will not end up being a happy situation. We must choose the straight gate, the narrow way that will lead us to life everlasting. Jesus said in Luke 13:24 says " Strive to enter in at the strait gate for many I say unto you will seek to enter in and shall not be able. They will not be able because they are not willing to deny themselves totally.

Jesus in Matt. 7:24 says " Whosoever hears these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house on a rock. So we must not only hear but we must do the word of God. These are they which will make it into heaven.

Jesus in Matt. 7:26 says " And everyone that hears these sayings of mine and doeth them not shall be liken unto a foolish man that built his house on sand. These are the ones who made the foolish choice of not obeying the Lords commandments.

In my conclusion we must ask ourselves a very serious question. Are we saved or are we self deceived.

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