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Summary: To determine if you are committed or not.


Luke 12:41-48

Peter in this text is asking the Lord, of who He was referring to in this text. He was referring to the previous parable in this chapter. But Peter and the others were not getting what Jesus was saying. If we would actually look at these parables in succession we would discover much like the parable in Luke 15 which was a trilogy of parables, of the lost sheep, lost coin, and the lost son. This parable is some what of a quartet of a parable. Jesus first warns of the Pharisee’ false doctrine and if they bring them into the chambers of judgement be not anxious how or what you say because the Holy Spirit will teach you what to say. But one in the company misread what Jesus was saying or was not paying attention at all and asked the master to speak to his brother about their inheritance. That is when Jesus started to give them this quartet of a parable and He gave them one behind the other until they understood that He was preparing them for the Kingdom.

In this selected parable of question, Jesus is teaching His disciples that they should be ready because the Son of Man will come at a time when they will not be expecting Him. The parable describes a scene in which several servants were waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet. The point was that they had to remain constantly vigilant so that the master would be able to come into the house whenever he might arrive at home. If they are watching and ready as verse 37 insinuate, their master will serve them. The second watch was from 9 p.m. to midnight, and the third watch was from midnight to 3 a.m. The point is that the disciples must “be ready” for “the Son of Man will come” unexpectedly.

Peter’s question holds the two parables together. Peter wanted to know the extent of the first parable’s meaning. Was it addressed only to the disciples or to everyone? Jesus did not answer Peter’s question directly. Instead He indicated that He was talking primarily about the leadership. The religious leaders were supposed to be managing the nation for God until He brought in the kingdom. However, they failed in that task; they were not looking expectantly forward to the kingdom.

As Consecrated and Dedicated leaders the awesome responsibility falls on you to decide this day what category you may fall in. Will you be a leader that is watchful as found in verses 42 through 44, or will you be a leader that would spend precious time lording over others while you eat, drink and be drunkard, as found in verse 45.

So let’s look at this parable to discover which leader will you become.

First of all...


This is the first question you must deal with. You see the reason so many of our church officers are not faithful is because we put them in through the grandfather rule. In other words if their grandparents were officers they will eventually be officers without asking this question or considering the candidate is faithful or wise. We just put them in as a token and many consider it not a ministry level appointment but a badge of honor, thus making them non-committed.

The first part of this parable shows us the benefits for being faithful and wise. In verse 37 in the first parable before Peter’ question, the Lord called them blessed if they are found watching. Then He said that their lord would girt himself and have them to sit down so that he could serve them. Likewise in verse 42 shows further blessings of being faithful and wise because his lord would make him ruler over his household. He again called him blessed if his lord when he comes find him doing. In other word a leader that is found working and watching will be a leader that will be depended upon, and as verse 44 says that he would make him ruler over all that he has.



The words of a procrastinator is found in verse 45. He said “My lord delayeth his coming;” My brothers and sisters I must warn you that when you procrastinate bad things happen to those that are following you. In this case they started to beat the menservants and maidservants, and began to eat and drink and became drunk. Maybe they beat the servants because they were warning them that their lord’s return and nothing was done. And soon the other servants began to do what their lead people did. As leaders you must realize that your every move is watched, and those that are following us will soon do the things that they see us do. If we are faithful in attendance, they will be faithful. If we are dutiful in our work, they will be dutiful. But on the down side if we are slothful, they will be slothful, I tell you that we should be careful how we lead because we have people that are following in our footsteps. So bad things happens to those who follow us. In verse 48 it said that “he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes.”

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