Summary: We all have to wait, and the hardest is waiting for the Lord to do something in our lives in the midst of struggles.

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While we are waiting

James 5:7-20

We know how to fill time while waiting… for the car to be fixed, bus to come, the flight to arrive or to land. We are waiting too… We are put on hold by something outside our control.

I. While we are waiting we wait for God to do something…

a) Jesus is coming back

i) Every generation says it… Not everyone is waiting for the thief… (Matt 24)

ii) While we wait we say either Jesus comes back or something has to change…

b) Waiting for circumstances to change…

i) The longer we wait the more we grumble… standing in lines… put on hold,

II. While we are waiting how should we act? Be patient and persevering

a) Patient (as farmers and prophets)

i) Be patient until the Coming of the Lord… (Verse 7)

ii) Like the farmer … Waiting for it to rain… Rain down blessings… Rain down power…

iii) We have to have rain before we can have fruit…

iv) We have to have storms before the grass gets greener…

v) Prophet waits for God to move…

vi) Elijah waited in a cave after a great victory, Jonah waited in a fish after he thought he escaped God, Hannah waited to have a child even after years of going to the House of the Lord…,

vii) Habbakkuk said “O Lord how long shall I cry out to you and you not hear...

viii) Are you counted as a blessed one who endures? (Verse 11)

ix) Are you Enjoying God’s blessings while you wait, because you are enduring…?

b) Job’s perseverance

i) One tragedy after another, but one survived… (Job 1)

ii) When tragedy comes we look at all we lost and not the one that survived

iii) We don’t pay much attention to that messenger of good news…

c) The Lord intends an end (v. 11)

i) Through it all the Lord intends an end…

(1) No matter how deep it gets Lord intends an end…

(2) No matter how far it goes… How hopeless it seems…

(3) No matter how far at the end of the rope you are…

ii) Elijah came out, Jonah was spit out, disciples wait until the Spirit fell out

iii) He won’t keep you in cave, the fish, the upper room, he is not going to keep you barren or wandering the desert… the rest of your life there is and end

iv) He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6)

III. While we are waiting what should we do? If you’re:

a) Suffering be praying (13)


b) Cheerful be singing (13)

i) The Lord inhabits the praises of His people a great reminder..

c) Sick be anointed (14)

i) Gather the elders to anoint and pray for

d) Sinning be confessing (16)

i) Confess to one another that we may be healed

e) Watching the lost leave be turning them to Him (19)



Lt me encourage you that While you are waiting know that...

The Lord intends an End

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