Summary: Do you recogniize the voice of God? Have you heard Him speak to you through those quiet times?

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“Whisper or a Shout?”

When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior you become a joint heir to the Kingdom of God. Plainly speaking you are now officially a child of God. And as a child of God the Lord desires to speak to your spirit. That’s right, you are now connected to the Lord.

Just as a child is connected to their parent. A mother or father speaks to their child and that child responds. As a parent you share with your child your hopes and plans for them, and at times you offer them correction and direction through your words or maybe you have used visual demonstrations to help them to learn how to do certain things.

The Lord is just like that. He longs to share with His children His love and His directions for your life. Some folks however wait for a booming baritone voice, just like in the movie “The Ten Commandments”

Remember the scene where Charlton Heston climbs the mountain and he sees the burning bush? It was at that point when he heard God speak in a very deep voice


In God’s Word there were many prophets in the Old Testament. There was one in particular and his Name was Elijah. Elijah was a messenger for God. God would tell him what to say and do and he would do it. Well there was day that Elijah was going through a bit of a trial and he was on the run from this l lady named Jezebel. So instead of facing his problem he ran and hid off in a cave. Elijah reacted the way most of us react when we are going through things, we just want to hide. Well it was in that cave that he heard God speak to him and this is what Gods voice sounded like:

1kings 19:12

…A still small voice

Hmmmm…... that does not seem to be that deep Cecil B. Demille voice of the Hollywood.

God speaks to His children through the events of the day; through others, and especially through His written Word. I would like to share with you how God spoke to me and maybe as I read this you will recall certain times in your life when that maybe you saw something that encouraged your spirit. Or maybe you had what I like to refer to as a “aha moment” where you saw something through an experience, that taught you something valuable.

Did you recognize it as God speaking to you in a soft whisper?

Or instead, did you ignore it because it was not a deep shout?

I call this story

“A Lesson”

I was blessed with a car last spring and that had opened a new door of freedom for me, and with many options I had to choose from, I had decided that since it was a nice day I would cruise around the lakes. When I was a teenager and things would go wrong at home, I would get on my 10-speed bike and head to the lakes and sit under this one particular tree. Nothing was troubling me this day, but for some reason I was feeling kind of nostalgic, so off I went. Back then this tree wasn’t as full and there were other bushes and trees’ around it. But hey! It was a good hiding spot when I was a kid. As I parked my car I had every intention of going to sit under that same tree, but I felt nudged to go and sit across the other side that faced the tree. So okay, "I grabbed my bible; and blanket and went across the path to the bench. As I sat there I noticed many ducks and geese in the water, and I watched them bob their heads in and out of the water looking for some kind of food. I was caught up in the beauty of their colors and the warmth of the sun, that for a bit I found myself praising God. As I sat praying and thanking Him for all he has done for me, I took notice to that tree across the way. That is when I heard God say "I want you to see this tree from a different view...for I have taken you out from under those burdens and where it once was over grown with other things I have removed them." And as I sat there chewing on what my spirit heard I looked up and saw all these birds fly out from this was awesome! The birds were all types and some glided to the water right in front of me. And once again I heard Father say; "You will now see the hidden treasure that you have buried in you, and I will bring it out.’ Such joy filled my heart just to have the Lord speak to me in such a way. As I sat there in awe of the Lord’s words and his work, a father and his little daughter came along the bank of the lake by that tree. I watched as the dad took 2 loaves of bread and he started to break pieces to feed to the geese and ducks. The birds started to grow in numbers and surround the dad and his little one and I saw that his daughter was getting scared because of their honking and flapping to get at the bread. I sat there and watched intently on how the dad took the authority over the birds. He was showing his little one, how to stomp her foot and make a growling noise and that would make the hungry birds back off some. I laughed as I saw her attempt to be just like her dad, but she was determined not to be afraid and did as he told her to do. After a few tries the birds finally caught on she meant business and both of them laughed when the birds waddled quickly to the water. Finally God said again..."daughter I too am teaching my children that they have authority, and I have not given them a spirit of fear...stomp at the enemy and he too shall back away to the very edge." How simple those words that were to my spirit, ...the same words in my Fathers scriptures, but I saw them come to life in the demonstration of that man; the child and a tree.

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