Summary: A sermon describing the importance and meaning of Pentecost.

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Acts 2:1-47

White Sunday - OE Hwita Sunnandaeg -- so called from the white robes of the people worn by the recently baptized persons on Whitsunday.

Pentecost = Fifty Days One of the three required feasts for devout Jews.

Feast of Weeks - Seven weeks past Passover.

Exodus 34:22; Deuteronomy 16:10

Feast of Harvest - Exodus 23:16

50 days from the offering of the barley sheaf at the onset of Passover. -- Leviticus 23:16

Day of the First Fruits

Numbers 28:26

Anniversary of Giving of The Law

Inter-testamental and Beyond

Jubilees 1:1; Midrash, Tanhuma 26c

The Importance of Pentecost

Matthew 16:16-19

Pentecost was not the first time Jesus’ followers had acted together.

They did so during His ministry, and also when they gathered to choose a replacement for Judas.

Peter and the rest of the apostles had been promised that they would have the words of God to unlock the Kingdom’s doors.

On Pentecost God gave them the a complete message, an empowered mission, and a unity that came from beyond themselves.

First, they were just another small circle of people following a leader around; now as Pentecost approached, together they numbered only 120 disciples; soon, they will become the church, a living body, that would eventually reach out to a mass of people beyond their borders and beyond their wildest dreams. God would use them to debabelize the world. Confusion had come at Babel but now the Spirit would unleash their tongues to preach His message of love and reconciliation.

I want to give you an outline for the understanding of the whole book of Acts and understanding your place in the kingdom of God: Jesus Went Up; The Holy Spirit Came Down; and the People of God Went out.

The World Atlas is the map of our parish. The Conquest of the Six Continents and the Seven Seas is our purpose.

The mark of being a Christian is not that you know the facts about Jesus but that you know Jesus.

This book is not a book that has characters to read about but the character of Jesus to be practiced.

Jesus is not a figure in a novel but novel figure; the only begotten Son of God, a living presence.

I want you today to think of the promise of the presence of God for in that simple statement is the power for today.


1. Proof: A Sign - 1-13

2. Prophecy: Scripture - 14-21

3. Provision: Sermon/Saviour 22-36

Jesus: Approved of God - 22,23a

Christ: Slain by men - 23b

Son of God: Raised by Power - 24-32

King of Kings - Reigns with God - 33-35

Lord of Lords - Redeemer of men - 36

II. THE RESPONSE TO GOD Acts 2:37-41 (Commands)

1. Query: What must we do? Did they believe God? -- 37

2. What are believers commanded to do? -- 38

3. By whom commanded? -- 39

4. By what method? -- 40

5. How did they receive Christ ? Result --41,47

III. THE RESULTS FROM GOD Acts 2:38 (promises)

1. Remission of sins - 38

2. Reception of the Holy Spirit - 38

3. Respecter of no person - 39

4. Role/Rolls of the church - 41,47

5. Relationships - 42-46

Corporate - 42,43

Benevolent - 44,45

Personal - 46


On Pentecost God gave them the a complete message, an empowered mission, and a unity that came from beyond themselves.

On this Sunday -- This day -- What will you give of yourself in the empowered mission that God gives us to reach a lost and dying world?

Three bible degrees every Christian should strive to have

B.L. - Bible Language

What, Where, and As

B.R. - Bible Reverence -

Bible interprets Bible

B.A. - Bible Authority

The Bible is the Final authority

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