Summary: This is a question of utmost significance who had been looking for his true self."Who am I"? May this message bring you to an encounter of who you really are....

This is a question of utmost significance who had been looking for his true self."Who am I"? Let this message bring you to an encounter of who you really are...

Of all God’s creation, only man searches for an answer to this ancients of question. Many have temporarily answered it,even theorized it, but Jesus in this parable have shown who we really are. Let us be reminded that we are created according to the image of Our Creator Himself. That should be settled first because without it, we would be running in circles with nowhere to go,just like a dog trying to catch his tail.

Today, let us settle this old-age question and find the answer from the greatest Teacher who ever lived,Jesus who became human and lived here on earth among us. He will tell us assuredly what He knew and have seen "for Only I,the Son of Man,have come to earth and will return to heaven again"(John3:13 NLT).

Who am I? would be answered by one simple verse of a parable in Matthew13:44 and see how God expound His answer to the Only One who could explain;

The verse was a Parable which means to say it was a story to illustrate,symbolizing a truth in interesting form and making them be revealed to interested hearers and be hidden to those who are not attentive and concerned. They impart instruction,comfort and rebuke to listeners.

Jesus was the Man in the parable. The Field was the World (verse38). And you,including me and to everyone who had been called by God by His grace was the hidden treasure.

Who am I?


You were hidden by Christ... protected, cared and planned for a purpose. Look at the verse again... You were hidden in the world. You were hidden even before you were called. Jesus also had his hidden years. Notice in the Bible that Our Lord’s childhood days were obscure except in the Gospel of Luke where a glimpse of the boy Jesus was given little attention. The same with everyone of us.

How were you hidden? You’re hidden because just like everybody else you were once far away from God,dead in trespasses and sin,as you conducted yourself according to the dictates of the"prince of the power of the air."


Once Christ found us,He hid us again.Jesus hide us after He found us just as what He said on His prayer to Our Father..."Now,I am departing from the world;I am leaving them behind and coming to You,Holy Father, keep them and care for them,because they don’t belong to the world,just as I do not.I am not asking You to take them out of the world,but keep them safe from the evil one. They are not part of the world anymore than I am.Make them pure and holy by teaching them Your words of truth.As You sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world"(John17:11,14-18 NLT).

So you see,you have been hidden twice. When you were still sinner,and then after Jesus found you. Christ hid you once more by sending you right back into the world! He did not glorify you immediately or put you in the pedestal,but simply returns you into the world. The world hides you but in a different way after your calling than before it. Though you are no longer of the world,you still look like it. You have not changed much except internally, that is, spiritually.

So,you get back into the world and live your daily life,people not noticing and recognizing you for what you are unless some matters of truths crops up. The truth you live by-God’s truth in you-- makes you now different from everybody else. To look at you, walking down the street you’re just the same old you... Ordinary. But when suddenly a matter of truth comes out of the fore? Say an issue about your Lord’s day? or of tithing? forgiving people who hurt you? Helping the sick and needy? Immediately, you become different. Set apart,showing your life that you are living God’s way because you were hidden from this world’s view by virtue of living among them.


Who Am I?

"The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a Man discovered hidden in a field.In His excitement, He hid it again..."(NLT) When Jesus found you, He is so excited, full of joy!

Let me give you a story to describe the joy Jesus experienced when He found you. A man with his friends, set out in prospect of gold. They went through hardships and all of his companions died en route for the search. Defeated, discouraged and downhearted the man set out to return to his town. As he is walking with his horse near a creek,he noticed a stone from the creek bed."It looks as though there may be gold here"he said.He examined the stone thoroughly and it was really gold! He struck gold. He panned gold the rest of the afternoon and managed to realize million dollars worth of gold.He went his way back to his town and decided not to say a word concerning his gold strike, and thereupon, he secretively set about to re-equipping himself with supplies for another prospecting trip to that place. When he got ready to get back, he was surprised to find 300 men following him! Who told them? No one! What accounted thus for the incident? HIS BEAMING FACE WITH JOY BETRAYED THE SECRET!

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Bubot Parago

commented on Feb 10, 2019

Just read this sermon outline once more as I was preparing for my radio program; “dunamis ofYour Love” ....priceless!

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