Summary: I carry many titles describing who I am on this earth, but what does the bible say about who I am?

Who Am I?

There is a popular Christian song out right now titled "Who Am I?" and that got me thinking! Who Am I? To the world I am a mother, a wife, an employee, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a church member, a notary, a graduate, and an aunt, just to name a few. We all can make our own list of who we are as far as the world is concerned, but who are we according to the word of God? I hope that the following list of who we are in Christ is as exciting to you as it is to me!! If you have a day when your feeling very small in the spectrum of this vast world, read over this list. It’s empowering!!

In Christ We Are:

God’s Child John 1:12

Christ’s Friend John 15:15

Justified 5:1

United with the Lord 1Cor 6:17

Bought with a Price and Belong to God 1Cor 6:19-20

A Member of Christ’s Body 1Cor 12:27

Redeemed Col 1:14

Complete Col 2:10

Free from Condemnation Rom 8:1-2

Assured All Things Work For Good Rom 8:28

Free from Any Charge Against Me Rom 8:31-34

Unable to Separate Myself from God’s Love Rom 8:35-39

Established Anointed and Sealed by God 2Cor 1:21-22

Hidden with Christ in God Col 3:3

Confident Phil 1:6

Citizen of Heaven Phil 3:20

Powerful 2Tim 1:7

Able to Find Mercy and Grace in Time of Need Heb 4:16

Salt and Light of the Earth Matt 5:13-14

Branch of the True Vine John 15:1-5

A Personal Witness of Christ Act 1:8

Temple of God 1Cor 3:16

New Creation 2Cor 5:17

Seated with Christ Eph 2:6

God’s Workmanship Eph 2:10

More Than a Conquer Rom 8:37

Healed Isa 53:5

Believer 1Tim 4:12

Dead to Sin and Alive to Righteousness Rom 6:11

Humble and Exalted 1Peter 5:6

Doer of the Work James 1:22

Not Afraid Jer 1:8

Intercessor 1Tim 2:1

Free from Bondage Gal 5:1

Ambassador Eph 6:20

Abraham’s See and Heir Gal 3:29

Sanctified 1Cor 1:30

Fisher of Men Matt 4:19

Able to Do All Things Through Him Phil 4:13

Provided For Phil 4:19

Able to Understand All Things 2Tim 2:7

Not My Own Defender Psalm 5:11

Isn’t it exciting to know who you are! If you’ll truly grasp hold of who you are in Christ Jesus the devil will never be able to bring depression upon you again!! As a society we are very dependent on medication to help with depression. One look at this list and there’s no way we could be depressed! May God Bless You and I pray that this message has encouraged you!

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