Summary: Examining our own faithfulness to Jesus.

Who are we?

Matthew 7:21-23


Last week, we took a look at part of Matthew Chapter 7 and reflected on our own walk with the Lord as we are commanded to “ask, seek, and knock”.

Tonight we will be back in Matthew Chapter 7 with a closer look at something many have been taught, but due to the importance of Jesus saying it, some may not ever really understand what is meant.

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we are in sync with the Lord’s wishes and desires for our lives, and tonight I want to stress that just a little more – and give us some more fuel for the gas tank as we seek to serve.

Read Matthew 7:21-23


Point 1 – Do you know who you call upon? (v21)

I want to challenge you a little bit tonight, and perhaps maybe even move you to action a little more than you ever have before.

Jesus is speaking in a parable here obviously, but the meaning is unmistakable.

Many will cry out “Lord, Lord” in an attempt to say they know who Jesus Christ is, and yet will spend eternity in Hell because He really was never Lord of anything.

The word Lord is a sign of royalty … it is defined as a male who has power and authority over something – it also refers to the Godhead (father, son, Holy Spirit).

Calling someone “Lord” is a sign of respect – even Paul called Jesus Lord on the road to Damascus – but is Jesus Lord in your life?

Jesus is declaring in this teaching parable that not everyone shall enter into Heaven – and it ought to be a wake-up call to the church this evening.

I believe if there is any one verse that is more vital than John 3:16, it is this verse here – it is a warning to comprehend what you are doing in this life.

Think on this for a moment – Jesus is teaching His followers – those who have “said” they are committed to Him and are willing to go and do whatever He asks of them. Isn’t this what the church says about itself today? Don’t we go around proclaiming that we follow Jesus wherever He goes and that we do whatever He wants us to do?

Do we really?

I don’t think we always do – and here is the only way I know how to explain it.

God sent His Son to die on a rugged cross for you, so that we would have an example to follow … and yet the latest episode of reality TV takes the place of services.

It’s a fact. Look around the room … where is the church? Let’s look at this one example a little farther.

What if Jesus instituted a sign-in sheet and we had to account for each time we came to church – would we go then? Sure, probably for a while we would be faithful and then life would take over and we would drift away.

Jesus is proclaiming to His disciples here that many will call upon Him, and He hears the calls, but what He knows is whether they truly mean it. This is critical to understand if you are a servant of Jesus Christ today – does your Master hear you call for Him and do you answer when He calls back?

I am going to be honest – I have talked individually with several folks in conversations here and there and I want to tell you that complacency is ruining our church and discrediting our God.

Chad gave me a great example last night that I want to share tonight: You have to give credit to the Jehovah Witnesses for their determination to spread what they believe to others. I may not want what they are selling – but at least they are out there totally committed to what they believe.

Imagine if the Baptists did that today. The church is you – and if you are not doing it nobody else is going to come along and do it for you.

This is what Jesus is saying as he teaches – that many will call upon Him but will do so falsely and without really knowing who He is!

So, when you do call on Him – are you really sure you are on solid gound?

Point 2 – Be careful when you do call upon Him (v22-23)

Re-read verse 22-23

That day Jesus is referring to is their judgment – the day when they stand before the Lord and they are judged for everything they have said or done – and then they will proclaim to Jesus what they did in their lifetime.

Be careful in doing this out of your own initiative … and not for Jesus.

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