Summary: A sermon on Rebekah and Isaac from Genesis 24. Good for Valentines Day or for Marriage Sunday!

Sermon for 2/11/2007

Who Are You?

Genesis 24


A. Show the clip from Back to Future where George MyFly says, “You are my density.” On counter 1:04:00 to 1:05:12

B. Is there someone out there who is our density or destiny?

C. Are marriages made in heaven? Is there someone out there who is our destiny?


A. The idea that marriages are made in heaven sounds romantic, it sounds comforting and it’s appealing to people, but with the exception of Adam and Eve there is little evidence that God has ever “made” one person for another.

B. There are three major events in a man’s life: birth, marriage, and death. Marriage we have a choice. We need to choose wisely.

C. Some people believe that a wedding service is like a magic wand. Before two people were jerks but with the magic wand of marriage they suddenly become loving and wonderful people, a great couple. What hogwash!

D. The problems, difficulties, and character flaws we have before marriage are magnified after the wedding. Marriage is not a magic wand. After the honeymoon has worn away, it is more like a reality check.

E. So many couples have marriage problems! One reason is that they blame their spouse for the marriage problems. Something that has stuck in my mind is that I cannot control other people. This is what made me scared of marriage. I am at the mercy of someone else. I cannot control or predict what they will do.

F. Even a master manipulator has difficulties in controlling other people. However, we control us. My wife often says to our boys, “Who are you?” Who do you take care of?” Let me say that in our marriages we do not take care of our spouse, we take care of ourselves. We are responsible for our actions and decisions.

G. It is much more beneficial to point the finger back at us and say what can I do to help in this situation? What can I change about myself to help my marriage? It does no good to complain about our spouse, why because who are you? Who do you take care of?

H. This morning we have youth among us. I want to say to these youth that the best thing you can do to have a great marriage is not go on a quest for the best mate. The best thing you can do is to work upon yourself so that you can be a great mate to a man or woman. Again marriage is not a magic wand. How much are you working upon yourself to be all that you can be, for marriage yes, but more importantly to be all that God wants you to be? It begins right now.

I. Our Bible story comes from Genesis 24 this morning. Just going over portions. It is a wonderful story and I encourage you to read it this week for Valentines Day.

Thesis: This morning we are going to look at the characteristics of two individuals before they even saw each other. These characteristics lead to a great marriage. These are things that all of us need to work on to be a good spouse and a godly person.

For instances:

Rebekah, for the ladies but much of this applies to men.

A. Vs. 16, Attractive, very beautiful, fair to look upon.

1. Rebekah was a woman who kept up her body. 1 Timothy 4:8 says that physical training is of some value. It is a shame in our day how many people let their bodies just go. Never exercise or eat right! From childhood obesity is becoming a problem.

2. Can only work with what the Lord gave and to me he didn’t give much? Well, have we ever heard the saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.” It isn’t true. (1 Pet 3:3 NIV) Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.(1 Pet 3:4 NIV) Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

B. Vs. 16- Pure, a virgin.

1. The true love waits campaign. This is God’s design for marriage. Sex is to be enjoyed in the marriage relationship.

2. The best gift that anyone can give to their future mate is the gift of virginity.

3. Crystal and I were virgins on our wedding day. The world would call this a shame. The Bible lifts it up as a good thing.

C. VS. 16- 18. Gracious

1. This man was a stranger but she extended to him a great courtesy.

2. She took time out of her duties to be gracious and do small acts of kindness.

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