Summary: Second in a series exploring life crisis, based on the promotional materials provided by Outreach in their "Who Cares" campaign. This message explores unplanned pregnancy.

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(This message extensively based on the sermon starters provided in the "Who Cares" package materials from Outreach.)

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Unfortunately, that is not always the case for an unplanned pregnancy. Especially, a teen-age unplanned pregnancy. Listen to these startling statistics –

- Over eight hundred thousand teens become pregnant each year.

- One out of every 10 women aged 15-19 become pregnant each year.

- One out of every three women get pregnant at least once before the age of 20.

- 78% of those, or almost 8 out of ten, are unplanned.

- 13% of all U.S. births are to teens.

- 25% of teen moms have another child within two years of their first.

- Nearly 40% of teen pregnancies end in abortion.

That’s just teen pregnancies. Of course, that does not cover the entire gamut of unplanned pregnancies. There are older single women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. There are women of all ages and married that find themselves pregnant without ever having planned on the life changes that are about to occur.

Fortunately, whether teen or not, you don’t have to know the Bible all that well, or be all that familiar with the stories found within it to know that teenage, unplanned pregnancies are not a new thing created by this generation.

Turn in your Bibles to the book of Luke. Luke chapter one. The first chapter describing the life of Jesus as described by, of all things, a doctor. And look at how it all begins. Luke 1:26 (read through verse 38).

Now, I know in a crowd of loving, Godly, educated people like yourself, the following thought would never cross your mind. But there are places where in the congregation’s minds at about this point, someone would be thinking, “Whoa! Now you just hold on a second there pastor. Surely, you are not equating the virgin Mary. The mother of Christ. This woman, blessed by God. To some 16 year old who can’t control her earthly urges. Surely you are not going to attempt and utilize this sacred story as a backdrop of comparison to hedonistic young people in today’s society who just can’t seem to own up to the consequences of their behavior.”

Well, I’m glad no one in this group would ever think anything like that, because that is exactly what I am about to do. But before I do it, I want to make a point that not only addresses that type of a mindset or attitude, but also addresses countless other mindsets and attitudes that people encounter in the church as they face many of the struggles in life we are going to be looking at over the next few months.

Here it is. This is the trap we can fall into when we encounter someone facing an unplanned pregnancy, or an addiction, or an overwhelming financial debt. We can fall into the trap of asking the big question. The big, bad, guilt filled, shame ridden question. This is what happens. We encounter the crisis experiencing person face-to-face, in this case with the reality of a baby growing and developing inside of them, and we look them in the eye, and we ask, “What happened?”

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