Summary: Study of the book of Isaiah, Chapters 11-12. As a believer we must be willing to acknowledge that God's Word is true. We must understand the lineage of Christ, and the perfection that God intended us to live with Him, and then we must strive for it! (R

Who do we serve?

Isaiah 11:1 – 12:6


- The last time we discussed Isaiah we saw that all sin had a price

- That everything we ever take part in has a price in God’s eyes

- But remember, there will be a remnant

- A leftover of those purposed for God’s work and for His Glory

- Tonight, we want to demonstrate how WE are to be the remnants

- But more than acts that we should do, let’s understand the impact

- You see, there is an impact each of us must accept; it should drive us

- Perhaps tonight we can draw strength from God’s word on Who we serve

- Stand and Read Isaiah 11:1-16 / Pray

Point 1 – Understanding the Lineage (v1-5)

- As a believer, we must be willing to acknowledge that God’s Word is true

- That every word in here is fact and that it is He that reality is grounded

- Because of this world’s corruption, believing the lie is almost too easy

- Asking, “Did God really say …” becomes second nature once we doubt

- (Why say this?) Matt 1:6 reveals who Jesse is “the father of King David”

-- If you know your lineage, you know that Jesus comes from David’s line

- But notice the context here of bearing fruit – this is vital

- Believers and followers of Christ must bear fruit, it must be tangible

- Matt 7:16, “By their fruit you will recognize them …”

- Caution of not bearing fruit:

-- John 15:2, “He (the gardener referred to in Verse 1) cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

- Those that bear fruit have the Spirit of the Lord on them; just as promised

- But, notice how heavily God’s presence falls on this One who is promised:

-- Spirit of wisdom and of understanding – patience, calmness, discernment

-- Spirit of counsel of power – authority, grace and mercy, but JUST

-- Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord – Understanding who God is

-- Refer back to Isaiah 9:6 for amplification of the power/authority

- Note the end of verse 3 – “Delight in the fear of the Lord” …

- APP: He will rejoice in God’s authority and commit to Him everything that is within Him; it is an outline of how we should be living right now!

- And with God’s authority, we have revealed to us who is really in charge

- TRANS: Can God order things to be in perfect harmony?

Point 2 – Mass Chaos or Perfect Harmony (v6-16)

- V6 – Amplification of God’s protection for life

- V7 – Amplification of God’s direction for life

- V8 – Amplification of God’s provision for life

- V10 – In that day, when there is perfect peace on this Earth, we will see

Sunday night I talked about exalting Jesus, and this is the fulfillment

-- When we exalt Jesus, when the name of Jesus is lifted up = perfection

- Can we live in such perfect harmony or are we doomed to mass chaos?

- When the Lord returns to bring His people to Him, He will reclaim the remnant – those who are faithful to Him alone and living for Him

- When God moves, even the matters of this land will no longer matter

- The jealousy will vanish, the things that we think are important will vanish

- The provision of how to escape the wilderness belongs to the Lord alone

- So much so that lakes dry up, and men are able to cross on foot

- This miracle of bringing His people together belongs to Him

- But it is because of the remnant that He still has a presence here today

- What would we do to be a part of this remnant? Will we serve? Honor?

- TRANS: Will we glorify God now so we can praise Him later?

Point 3 – Will we praise? (v1-6)

- Read Isaiah 12:1-6

- Will we praise the Lord of the Harvest? Praise the God of Salvation?

- God’s anger has been turned away because He is merciful

- Not because of anything that we did; or that we deserved to have

- We must trust in God, we must not be afraid

- God Himself MUST become our source of strength and salvation!

- V3: Go to John 4:7-14

- What water are you drinking from? Where is your nourishment from?

- Praise the God who brings us such revelation and water to drink from!

- Can we get excited? Can we be enthusiastic about this Lord of ours?

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