Summary: This sermon begs us to look at ourselves and decide who we really trust. Are we putting our trust in ourselves or other people or do we put our trust and Hope in God

We all have to put our trust in someone or something. It might be God, or it might be another person, or it may be material things. We all give some sort of trust to others we trust that the car we are meeting will stay on there side of the road.

But that’s not the kind of trust that we are talking about today , we are talking about the kind of trust you can hang your hat on. The kind of trust that is rock solid, the kind of trust you can rely on the kind of trust that will hold firm when everything else fails. That’s the kind of trust we are talking about. Unfortunately many people put that trust in themselves.

I. Trust can really be placed in only two places

1. flesh

2. God

II. The going thing today is to trust self

a. Self help (groups,books)

b. Distrust in others (leaders, people in authority,politicians)

c. Past failures (wars, lies,betrayal)

We humans have shown time and time again how feeble and sinful we are. We don’t mean to fail , but we cant help it we try but we become overwhelmed by forces and circumstances beyond our control and we just don’t have the strength to overcome.

III. When we trust in man we are

a. Cursed (Condemned)

b. Like a desert plant ( only trying to survive)

c. Living on hard, stony and dry land ( no one )

d. We put all our energy into survival And we don’t have energy left to bear any fruit to give others

e. We become dry, we don’t have anything left to give others.

f. We are so caught up in surviving that we don’t display the holiness or the beuty of Christ for others

Whats even worse is that when God moves in close to us we don’t realize it , We are so caught up on doing things for ourselves that we don’t notice god reaching out to us we get so caught up in doing things on our own that we don’t know how to use Gods resources . We see people around us being blessed and cant understand we are trying so hard to make it on our own that we just cant receive what God is trying to give us. We spend so much time worrying about what we are going to do next that God doesn’t even move us anymore.

IV. Lets look at our other choice, Lets look at putting our trust in God

a. God is unfailing

b. He always keeps his promise

c. He never lets you down

d. He always delivers

V. Psalms 125 says that those who trust in the Lord are like mount Zion which cannot be moved but abides forever.

1. When we trust in God not only will we be like a mountain we are like

a. A tree planted by the water ( never thirst , Bear fruit, give shelter)

b. We will bear much fruit

c. We will be green

d. We will not fear heat ( we face trials but with God we have nothing to fear)

e. When we trust in God we don’t grow just for our own benefit

So you can either put your trust in man and wither and die, or put your trust in God and grow and prosper, and be a shelter for others.

So who are you going to trust?

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