Summary: The Bible tells us who goes to hell, but it also tells us how we can miss it!

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INTRO: Do many people go to hell? * Yes! Jesus teaches that there are far more people who die

unsaved and go to hell than there are Christians who go to heaven! (Look at our text)

* The gate to hell is wide and the road to hell is broad and many go in thereat.

* The gate to life is strait, that is, it is tight, and the way is narrow and Jesus says:

* "There are few that find it." * Most people then are going to hell!

* One who reads this scripture and hears this message ought to be more alarmed and make the

more certain that he does not go to hell unaware! * Note some things about hell today:


* You may be sure that most of the people in hell did not expect to go there!

* Certainly the rich man in Luke 16:19-31 didn’t!

A) He thought Lazarus ought still to be his servant. * He was startled to find himself in flames!

* In vs.22-23, Jesus told about some who expect to be saved, but who will be condemned!

B) Many places in the Bible tell where tares are mixed with the wheat, where good fish are with

the bad, where lost people mix themselves with Christians and even deceive themselves.

C) The Pharisee who went into the temple to pray (Lk.18) thanking God that he was better

than the publican was doubtless surprised when he went to hell.

* He thought he was good. * Did he not fast 2 days a week? * Was not he a leader in public

prayer? * Was he not a church goer? * Was he not an honest man, paying all his debts?

* He even tithed all his income, as he reminded the Lord.

D) Yet, he was a lost sinner! * And unless he repented before he died, he’s in hell right now!

* It’s very clear, then, that God’s word teaches that multitudes go to hell who did not expect

to go there! * Friends, I beg you, don’t let yourselves be deceived by Satan!

* Do not face the terrible surprise of waking up in hell!

(2) UNSAVED PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WICKED! * They can’t escape hell without a change!

* Men are not willing to accept that, but the Bible constantly affirms that it is so!

A) The wife may believe that her lost husband is "such a good man," but God sees his heart,

* and says in Jer.17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately ........"

B) The father and mother may speak of their "dear innocent children." * Many mothers told me

about their children: "Preacher, my children has never done anything wrong in their life."

* That contradicts God’s Word! Rom.3:10 "As it is written, there is none righteous......."

* Isa.53:6 "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his........"

C) The rich man in Lk.16 deserved to go to hell because he was a sinner!

* Outwardly he may have been a moral, upright, intelligent, and lovable man,

* But in his heart where God alone could see, he was a deliberate, willful, continual, unrepentant


D) Remember; those who condemned Christ to be crucified were educated, religious, praying

men! * They were wolves in sheep’s clothing! * What Jesus said in Matt.23:27-28,

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