Summary: In almost every home, there is a television with a remote control. Whoever holds the remote control has control over what is watched. In life, we have a spiritual remote control. Whoever's hands we put the remote in controls our life? Who has your remote?


Background of the book of Ruth:

Many think the book was written by Samuel which places it before the times of the Kings. Samuel died before David came to the throne in Israel.

It is the only book solely about a woman! Ruth is 1 of the 4 women mentioned in the Genealogy of Christ (Matthew 1:5). According to the law, she was excluded from being part of Israel! (Deuteronomy 23:3) The Moabites were a tribe descended from Moab, the son of Lot, born of an incestuous relationship with his oldest daughter (Genesis 19:37). In the Plains of Moab, which at this time was in the possession of the Amorites, the children of Israel had their last encampment before they entered the land of Canaan (Numbers 22:1;Joshua 13:32). If we had nothing else to interest us in the land of Moab, it was from the top of Pisgah that Moses, the mightiest of prophets, looked upon the Promised Land; it was here on Nebo that he died his solitary death; it was here in the valley over against Beth-peor where he was buried (Deuteronomy 34:5-6).

Emilech means “my God is king”.

Naomi means “Pleasant”.

Mahlon means “sick”.

Chilion means “pining”.

Ruth means “friend”.

Orpah means “back of the neck”.

1. The promise of God

a. Provision

b. Protection

2. The Problems of life

a. Culture (Judges 21:25)

b. Climate (Ruth 1:1)

c. Choices (Ruth 1:2)

3. The provision of God

a. Physical

i. Kinsmen-redeemer

ii. The kinsman-redeemer is a male relative who, according to various laws of the Pentateuch, had the privilege or responsibility to act on behalf of a relative who was in trouble, danger, or need. The Hebrew term (go el) for kinsman-redeemer designates one who delivers or rescues (Genesis 48:16;Exodus 6:6) or redeems property or person (Leviticus 27:9–25,25:47–55).

b. Spiritual

i. Matthew 1:5

ii. In the New Testament, Christ is often regarded as an example of a kinsman-redeemer because, as our brother (Hebrews 2:11), He also redeems us because of our great need, one that only He can satisfy. In Ruth 3:9, we see a beautiful and poignant picture of the needy supplicant, unable to rescue herself, requesting of the kinsman-redeemer that he cover her with his protection, redeem her, and make her his wife. In the same way, the Lord Jesus Christ bought us for Himself, out of the curse, out of our destitution; made us His own beloved bride; and blessed us for all generations. He is the true kinsman-redeemer of all who call on Him in faith.


Who has control over your life? Do you have the remote in your hand making all the calls and changes? How is that going for you? It ended very badly for Emilech! He started out right and even had a name to remind him who should have control in His life; however, he still made choices not based on the promises of God but rather based on circumstances, culture, and his climate.

Maybe you are here this morning and you started out right as well. You went to church or Sunday school. You were taught the Bible but then the circumstances of life began to come at you, your culture bombarded you daily with this contrary to God, and eventually, you made choices that did not turn out so well.

May I give you some good news this morning? God has not changed! He is still waiting with open arms to welcome you back into fellowship with Him. Do our choices have consequences? Absolutely! Thankfully, we serve a loving and merciful God who is mighty to save and gracious to forgive!

If you are here today, maybe you are thinking that you can relate to the characters in the passage today. It seems like at every turn life deals you another blow. You are wondering and thinking that there has to be something better that this! Let me assure you that there is! God desire to have a personal relationship with you. This same God that created everything we see and performed all the amazing things that we talked about this morning knows your name, knows your sins, and knows your needs. This is why He sent His Son….(share Gospel)

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