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Summary: We will begin our study of the Sermon Jesus delivered, call the “Sermon on the Mount”, why is it called the sermon on the Mount, well because he delivered it while standing on a Mountain side. We also need to understand tonight that Jesus’ main target aud

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount Part I of 2

Who is a true Disciple?

Matthew 5:1-12


Today we are going to look at what is commonly referred to as the Beatitudes. Another way of describing them is “The keys to receiving God’s approval” Are you having difficulty experiencing the approval of God in your life, then perhaps this message is for you tonight. All of the Beatitudes begin with “Blessed”, which means “happy” or “joyful”.

It’s important to understand that these Beatitudes ought to represent the character of each Christian. All of these should be evident in the life of every believer. We don’t pick and choose which one we believe best suits our character and forget about the rest.

We will begin our study of the Sermon Jesus delivered, call the “Sermon on the Mount”, why is it called the sermon on the Mount, well because he delivered it while standing on a Mountain side. We also need to understand tonight that Jesus’ main target audience which we will clearly see in this passage is to his disciples. It is clearly a call to Discipleship. That is how we will look at these first four be attitudes tonight.

Read Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12

I. Blessed are the poor in Spirit.

Vs. 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

This refers to being Poor in Spirit NOT poor in the pocket book. The poor in spirit refers to being poor in the sight of God. In other words, spiritually bankrupt. You ask: What does it mean to be spiritually bankrupt?

In Luke 18:9-14 in the parable of the tax collector and the pharasee praying in the temple, the tax collector came to the realization that without God and God’s blessing and guidance in his life – his life would never amount to anything. The tax collector knew that he was unable to save himself and that he can never do anything that would make himself worthy in God’s sight.

In response to that all he knew to do was to humbly call upon the name of the Lord as a sinner who needs to be saved by grace. He was at the point of being spiritually bankrupt.

I believe that if there is one thing in these days that will keep people from having a meaningful relationship with God more than anything else – PRIDE. A proud person would be opposite someone who is poor in spirit – like the Pharisee. There is no forgiveness and reconciliation unless a person comes to the point where they say; I am a sinner before God. BUT great blessings are found when people humble themselves before God and great blessings are available for congregations who corporately humble themselves before God.

Scripture says the “poor in spirit will receive the Kingdom of heaven.” This is pure biblical teaching, because it is only those who are truly sorry for their sins that will be given the opportunity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So you want to go to heaven more than anything: throw away your pride and humble yourself before God.

II. Blessed are those who Morn.

Vs. 4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

There is some debate over what Jesus means by this beatitude. Again we need to clarify that this beatitude does not refer to someone who cries a lot or mourning for some reason;

Although we know that God can and will comfort the broken-hearted, BUT “blessed are those who mourn” refers to being broken-hearted because of the sin you have committed toward God.

Maybe the best example of this in scripture is the Psalmist David. He was well aware that he had sinned against God – adultery and murder. David had a truly repentant heart in Psalm 51.

In the same way when we come before God for the sin that we have committed against Him, we should never take it for granted; just assume that God will forgive because we ask Him; never approach God with a casual attitude when we sin. Because sin is despised by God. If anything we should be truly mournful when we approach God for forgiveness.

Scripture tells us that those who mourn will be comforted. In other words, God is His own supernatural, mysterious and wonderful way will forgive and bring spiritual comfort to those who are truly sorry for their sins.

III. Blessed are the Meek.

Vs. 5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

The definition of meek is certainly not someone who is weak!! We seldomly use the word today to describe someone because we think almost automatically think of weakness.

Meekness must never be identified with weakness.

Maybe the better definition of a meek person is: Someone who understands who and what they are in relation to other people. A meek person is someone who has a true and healthy estimation of themselves, and sees themselves as a human being with no special claims to status, power, or strength.

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